You’re Probably Reading This While Comfortably In Bed, Aren’t You? Jerk

Holy frick, folks, can you believe it?  Today is race day!  With that in mind, consider the following: as you read this post (hopefully from the comfort of your favourite reading chair, and with coffee in hand), I am likely/hopefully mid way through my first ever marathon.  and so, let me repeat: holy frick!

On what do I base the mid-point-of-my-first-ever-marathon estimation?

  1. The race starts at the not so civilized time of 7:00 am,
  2. I’m aiming to run the race in 4 hours or less, and
  3. unlike me, you probably sleep in until at least 9:00 am.

So, if it is 9ish (Eastern Time) as you read this, I should be half way through the marathon.  I’ve indicated where that means I should be based on the official race map.

This of course assumes that I’ve not been attacked by a rabid band of howler monkeys, or have decided to limp off to the side of the road to collapse into a giant quivering mass of something formerly resembling a human.

Anyway, if I have made it to the mid-point of the race by now, I’m probably wondering why the hell I ever decided to do this to myself.  That, or Mark (my running partner for the day) and I are chatting about how awesome the run is, and how much we are going to do it again.  Or perhaps I’m puking on the side of the road.  Or suffering from runner’s runs.  Or maybe I’m simply enjoying the experience while listening to some sort of motivational music.

The beauty of the race is that it is exciting and scary and completely unknown; anything could be happening right now.  And that is just AWESOME.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Colline says:

    Hope you had a good race 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    It’s like you are psychic, Dr. Dan! I *am* reading this from the comfort of my bed and I did sleep until 9:33 a.m., only that’s Pacific time, so you are actually done your race (which I know not because I’m psychic but because The Twitter said so!). Congrats on your first ever marathon! I bow down before your awesomeness!

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