Getting My Homer On

Homer Simpson
Homer J. Simpson: Image via Wikipedia

In honour of National Donut Day, which was held on June 3rd (for those of you that missed it), I decided to venture forth and find me a donut. Of course, I’m not overly fond of Tim Horton‘s anymore, so I went to the next best place; Starbucks. Granted, I had never had a donut from Starbucks, so I had no idea if it was going to be good. I did know going into this adventure, that it was likely to be overpriced.

Anyway, I walked to the mall as it holds the closest Starbucks and bought the only donut they had left: an apple fritter. In the grand scheme of things, this has always been my least favourite donut. But I had to celebrate National Donut Day. It would be sacrilegious of me not to (I’m not sure how this warrants as sacrilege, but somehow that’s how it feels). I also picked up a delicious tall vanilla soy latte.

After my purchase, I also may have sauntered over to the liquor store to pick up a delicious 6-pack of beer. Mmm, beer. Truly, I was in full Homer Simpson mode. While there were many beers that I could have purchased, I opted for a mixed 6 pack of Mill Street beers.

The best part of my beer-y purchase was the check out process, as indicated by the following tweet:

Who has two thumbs and was just ID'd buying beer?

At almost 36 years old, I’m still amazed when this happens. Of course, the teller was far more embarrassed about this than I was.

Having purchased my beer, I returned home to enjoy my wares. Given that the sun was shining and the weather was pretty much perfect, I sat outside to take in all the glory that National Donut Day had to offer. I brought with me a bottle of Mill Street Organic. It seemed a good pairing with an apple fritter. The fritter itself was okay. As I mentioned, I’m not the biggest fan of them on the best of days. But in honour of the occasion I stuck it out and ate the entire thing. The following tweets and pics surely describe the experience best.

Celebrating National Donut Day
Questioning whether or not I'd be able to eat the entire thing. Answer: yes, although my stomach was not happy with me.

Honestly, the fritter was just a bit too sweet for me, as my stomach made me fully aware. Thankfully I had a trusty beer to save me. And if that didn’t work, surely two beers would. 🙂

Anyway, I hope you had a most awesome National Donut Day.


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