This Makes It Official

Apparently this makes my marathon official. W00t! In other news, you might enjoy the following videos and pictures from the marathon (click here to view the video – which I can’t embed unfortunately). The photos are bad quality; the point being you have to purchase them to get the good quality versions. Of course, I’m far too cheap for that, and to be honest – running photos aren’t the most flattering.

I do find it hilarious to see myself in the video. I look like a giant tool. Granted, a giant happy tool who was loving the fact that he was running a marathon. But a tool nonetheless. I make my appearance around the 24 second mark of the video.

Clearly the photos aren’t too flattering. Partly this was because I was running a marathon, and marathons are anything but sexy. Partly it was due to the fact that it was raining and so by the end of the race I looked like a drowned rat. And partly it was due to the fact that I looked like a tool, as previously mentioned.

Anyway – enjoy!


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