A Banquet Of Nerds

So where did I leave off? I think the last we spoke I was describing the joy that was presenting at the SSC on Monday.

Anyway, since then I have attended several more talks. I think the two that had the biggest impact were not statistical in nature. Instead, they were talks about funding opportunities. That is, talks by NSERC and Mitacs. Thanks to both of these talks, I believe I have the necessary information to put together some seriously awesome grant applications. I may also try to recruit some colleagues so that the applications are just that much better.

After the talks, I wandered the town with Almost Dr. Lorna. We ventured down to the red mud; part of the Bay of Fundy. A few obligatory plank and jump shots were captured for all eternity, and then we met a little fury friend. Following that, we stopped off at a local art shop, and finally grabbed a coffee before proceeding to the Annual General Meeting of the Biostatistics Group of the SSC. Good times. Good times indeed.

Regardless, the conference hasn’t been all nerd-related talks and an orgy of statistics. It has also been a lot of fun. Tuesday night was no exception, as that was the night that all the stat nerds let their hair down to celebrate our common interests. That is, we came together to celebrate the past year at the Old Orchard Inn for the SSC banquet. And as usual, the banquet was awesome. It probably didn’t hurt that each conference attendee had a free drink ticket. It also didn’t hurt that each table had 4 bottles of wine. And it really didn’t hurt that the waiter kept bringing us more wine as he realized our table was one of the only tables drinking wine (I’m so proud of Guelph).

Needless to say, the banquet was great. The food was awesome, and there were several awards handed out to outstanding new statisticians, and to other statisticians that had contributed in some way over the previous year.

After the dinner, some of us decided that we needed to venture to Paddy’s for a night cap. Clearly that was probably not the best idea, but we went anyway. Some guy who went by the moniker of BLUE (best linear unbiased estimator) decided that we needed to drink scotch. I did not object. That was likely dumb.:)

Ultimately, it ended up being a great but late night. Fun was had by all, especially those of us that didn’t need to present the following day 🙂


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