Shucking Awesome Part Deux: The Re-Shuckening

Thursday morning, Aidan and I decided to head to Halifax. Initially we were thinking of heading to Moncton and then some random little town in P.E.I., but ultimately decided that all the driving would be annoying. Well, he decided it would be annoying. I simply agreed, which is all I can do because I don’t drive.

Anyway, we arrived Thursday just before noon and found ourselves in the Lord Nelson hotel. Swanky! After check in, we spent the day working. Seriously. We parked ourselves at a local coffee shop and got to it. I don’t really know what he was doing, but it involved several lengthy phone calls and madly typing many emails. Me? Well, I spent the day answering student questions (related to an assignment that was to be due today – but I’ve been nice and have extended the due date), reading several papers, and writing a paper of my own. I may also have sent an email to some trusted colleagues seeking advice on the paper I’m writing. Specifically, I’m trying to decide if I should provide a motivating example that includes vampires and zombies, or keep it real and use something like cancer cases or gastrointestinal disease. Personally, I like the idea of vampires and zombies. What say you, dear readers? Should I go the normal route using gastrointestinal disease or cancer, or should I be crazy and use vampires and zombies?

When we finally called the work day, we wandered down to the harbour and had an early dinner of raw oysters at the Five Fishermen. The hotel staff had informed us earlier in the day that they had a happy hour special from 4:30-6:30, and so we made a point to check out the establishment. The place was very nice. The oysters were delicious, and the atmosphere was far swankier than I had expected. Having enjoyed Chivas with my oysters when I was last in Ottawa, I decided to try this current crop with a 10-year-old Glenmorangie. Verdict: yum! I’d like to go back to try more of their food, but given all of the excellent gastronomic options, I doubt this will happen. Instead, I think we are going to try to take in as many different places as possible.

After dinner, we wandered the harbour, grabbed some photos, and then made our way back to the hotel to relax. And by relax, I mean nap. Because we were exhausted apparently. Given that we had spent the previous few nights enjoying local wares (read beer), we also opted to go easy. Instead of boozing it up, we went to the movies and saw Super 8. And this was the perfect way to end the day.

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  1. Julie says:

    My vote is for Vampires and zombies! 🙂

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