Planky McGee Rides A Big Blue Wave

Planky McGee planks the big blue wave in Halifax Harbour. W00t!

When last we met, the heroes of our story were wandering the mean streets of Halifax. And by heroes, I clearly mean Aidan and me. And by mean streets of Halifax, I mean anything but mean. Seriously, the people in Nova Scotia are ridiculously friendly. Everywhere a smile, even despite the craptacular weather that we were experiencing.

But being the adventurers that we are, Aidan and I chose not to let the weather keep us from enjoying the wares of Halifax. We spent part of our Friday morning enjoying breakfast and lattes at Starbucks, and doing a little work. Then it was off to buy Aidan some new hiking boots. From there, more food. And by food, I mean seafood of course. We wandered the public gardens across the street from the Lord Nelson hotel, and then returned to the harbour where I insisted on getting a planking shot on top of the big blue wave monument (I guess it’s a monument, although I have no idea what it is a monument to). Getting up required a running start; partly because it was slippery due to the rain/fog/mist that we were walking through; partly because a running start is more fun than simply walking up the side. The plank was well received by several passersby, and this despite a clear sign that indicated that the wave shouldn’t have been climbed. Oops, my bad 🙂

Friday night turned into a bit of a booze-y night. We started with some pints at My Father’s Moustache, then headed to Durty Nelly’s pub. There we met several visitors from P.E.I., and proceeded to drink the night away with them. It was a really good night. I remember that our walk home was cold, it started to rain, I was hungry, and I just wanted to be in my bed. We managed to deal with the hunger by stopping at a chip wagon. Probably not the healthiest choice, but I didn’t really care.

Saturday we slept in a bit (probably a function of the booze the night before). When we did finally get out of bed, we noted that the weather had significantly improved. This of course means that it wasn’t raining, and the sun was poking its head out for a bit. While it wasn’t exactly hot, it was still a nice change from the constant rain and cold. Have I mentioned that I don’t like cold? Anyway, while Aidan was showering, I went next door to the Smiling Goat coffee-house and ordered some of the best coffee I’ve had in a while. I also picked up some juice and some bagels.

377 - Halifax Citadel
Image via Wikipedia

Following breakfast, we set off to explore the Halifax Citadel; a military post that took 28 years to build. The Citadel is quite large, and a definite must see should you visit the city. It provides a really great view of the city and the harbour, and is sure to satisfy any history buff. Aidan and I spent several hours wandering the grounds snapping photos, chatting with the ‘military’ folk who work there (they were actually hired students), exploring the museum, and getting jump shots and plank shots.

Afterward, we went to Salty’s for lunch. And wow, was it good. We each ordered a pint and then shared a platter of mussels. I also had some bacon wrapped scallops, while Aidan ordered clam chowder. We left very happy, very full, and wanting more. From there, we wandered the city some more, taking in some of the monuments and statues, enjoying coffee along the way, and the random people that we decided to strike up conversations with. For dinner, we opted for – you guessed it – more seafood. This time at Murphy’s. And despite being stuffed to the gills, we then moved to the Red Stag pub, which is part of the Alexander Keith’s brewery. There we had the ‘sampler’. On our way home, we again stopped in to Durty Nelly’s. However, we were so full at this point, we managed only a pint before we decided to return to our rooms and pass out.

Sunday, being our last day, began with a trip to Starbucks for breakfast (the Smiling Goat hadn’t opened), one last trip to the harbour, more random jump shots and such, and then a return to our hotel to pack up and ship out.

Shipping out started off well. But I’ll leave that for another post 🙂

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