The Idea Of Running Another Marathon Still Makes Me Feel Slightly Throw-Uppy

So on June 1st I posted a list of 3 goals for the remainder of the summer/fall. They included:

  1. a 30 day yoga challenge (starting some time in July),
  2. a Century Bike ride (that is, a 160 km bike ride, by the end of the summer/fall), and
  3. a sub 4hr marathon (the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October).

First off, I should state that my original post indicated that the century bike ride was 100 km. It is in fact 100 miles, or 160 km. Despite the difference, I still want to try to do this by the end of the summer. However, I will be more than satisfied if all I manage to accomplish is the 100 km bike ride.

In other news, you’ll be happy to know that as of today, I have officially registered for my second full marathon. That’s right folks, I’m taking the plunge again – this time for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. While I don’t feel as throw-uppy as I did the first time I registered, I’m still feel slightly throw-uppy just from signing up. Why does this make me nervous given that I’ve run a marathon already? Who knows. Perhaps it is the added challenge of breaking the 4 hour mark; perhaps it’s the fact that I am scheduled to have my hernia surgery in August and am unsure if my body will be ready for the run by October (it should be though, right?); or perhaps it is just because 42.2 km (26.2 miles) is a really long way to run.

Whatever the reason, I’m stoked to compete again. The race is scheduled to begin at 9am Sunday, October 16th. That’s only 117 days from now folks. So that means all y’all should have plenty of time to practice your cheers, design some inappropriate yet supportive signage, and set in motion the necessary plans so that you can line the race while thousands of us pound 42.2 km of Toronto’s finest pavement. I’ve provided a map of the route so you can figure out the best place for you to cheer us on. 🙂


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Carolyn says:

    Yay! I’m registering today. I feel quite throw-uppy but it’s excited-throw-uppy. You’ll break four no problem. I’ll just aim for not dying.

    1. dangillis says:

      You so won’t die. But if you do, at least you can be comforted knowing that you left a beautiful corpse, and hopefully took out a slew of people in the process 🙂

      1. Carolyn says:

        Yes, good point. And I am especially beautiful during long-ass runs. Ha! I have stuck myself in the 3:59 corral. Audacious.

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