Ph.D. Prom – 1 Year Later

Can you believe it? A year ago today, Dr. Dixon and I celebrated our doctoring by having the biggest, awesome-est, danc-y-est, nerdiest, and promiest prom in the history of ever.

And what do I mean by promiest prom? Well, I think the pictures speak for themselves. Everyone came in their prom-best. From tuxes, to faux-tuxes, suits, ties, top haps, big glasses, frills, bow ties, gowns, skirts, and everything in between, our family and friends arrived in style.

Anyway, the night was an amazing way for Steph and I to finish our degrees; a great way to blow off some steam; and a great way to thank those that helped us in any way, shape, or form during the many years of research and education. And we had a lot of people to thank.

Of course, the event itself was a long time in the making. Steph and I worked tirelessly to make sure the evening was a great success (read we spent several nights drinking wine and talking about what we wanted the night to be). Truthfully though, Steph, being the amazing organizer that she is, had so much under control that I don’t feel I really had to do anything. And our parents took care of speeches, a slide show (in an attempt to embarrass us, but we don’t embarrass easily), and posters of the two of us from all stages of childhood to the doctors we are now. Marilyn & Steph were also responsible for the lovely King and Queen of Stats sashes we were sporting for the evening.

Clearly the event wouldn’t have been what it was were not it for the most excellent owners of the Diana Downtown, who opened up their restaurant to be flooded by a group of nerds, nerd-family, and nerd-friends. Shelina and Nuru are two of the most amazing people you will ever meet (who are now in charge of Montana’s and the Keg). They closed their restaurant for us on a Saturday night, and allowed us to stay until the wee hours of the morning. The Diana staff were awesome, and the food deserved the rave reviews that everyone there gave it.

Overall, I just want to say thanks again to everyone that shared our night, and a super huge thanks to Steph – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – you have made me a better person and I’m so glad that the Fates brought us together for this amazing adventure. We really do need to have another prom to celebrate again.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. AWW, love you prom king!

    And yes, thanks to everyone who came out to Prom and all those who supported us along the way. As I said in my speech: “You guys are like giving fireworks to a tyrannosaurus….YOU ARE DYNO-MITE!” 🙂

    ** Correction: Mom made and coordinated the Prom King and Queen accessories…it was a surprise to me too! All credit goes to her!

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