Attack Of The 26 Foot Woman

Day 2 in Chicago was filled with more wandering, eating, drinking (not all booze, by the way), and walking. The weather was perfect; there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, the humidity was low, and the temperature was just perfect. Ben and I started our day off with breakfast at a local restaurant, before […]

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Chicago – My Kind Of Town

 Yesterday I continued my quest to travel 12 times in 12 months. I’ve successfully passed the half-way point; that is, I’ve been on 7 trips so far this year. For those who may have forgotten, the list includes Hawaii, New York, Ottawa, Calgary, Ottawa, Halifax & Wolfville, and now Chicago. I arrived in Chicago yesterday […]

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File Under Naiveté

Apparently I’m rather dumb. Or naive. Likely both. Anyway, I’m sure that I’ve mentioned that I’m going to be getting my hiatal hernia fixed. Specifically, next Friday, August the 5th I’m going under the knife. And while this has been a long time coming, I was still a bit floored today when I went for […]

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Embracing Exhaustion

About a week ago, my fellow run-until-you-puke-to-feel-like-you’ve-done-something-awesome friend, Carolyn, posted about her outing with the Guelph Victors – a group of people who gather on Tuesdays at St. James school in Guelph to partake in interval training. After reading her post, I knew I wanted to try it. So tonight, after biking home from work […]

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