This Time I Didn’t Fall Down


Mark and I headed out to the Hydro Cut again today, and you’ll be happy to know that this time I didn’t wipe out. There were some moments that could have ended in disaster – you know, like when trees jump out in front of me (I swear those things can move) – but thankfully I managed to stay on the bike.

As part of our adventure, Mark and I decided to mount my iPhone onto my bike (I have an attachment for such things), and film a couple of the runs. We managed to get 2 videos, but they aren’t the best. Part of the problem is that we were travelling pretty fast and I’m not sure that the phone is capable of accommodating both speed and the bumps/logs/rocks/etc. that were magnified by the speed. And part of the problem was that the phone itself has to be positioned on the handle bar, which means that all of the wires and such are also in the video. Oh well. I think you can at least get a sense of the trail. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to get a better video. Because of course, there will definitely be a next time 🙂

Anyway, Happy Canada Day all y’all. I’m off for another bike ride now.


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