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Happy Embrace Your Geekness Day all y’all. Apparently July 13, 2011 has been set aside by someone on the interwebs as the day to embrace everything about you that screams geek. And of course, it is on my list-o-nerdidays, so that makes it an official holiday here at Consumed By Wanderlust.

Of course, if you are convinced that there is nothing geeky about you (which I highly doubt — as I’m pretty sure that everyone has something in their lives that gets their geek-meter fired up), then feel free to embrace someone else that does subscribe to all things geeky. Be aware, however: if said geek is truly geeky (and as such, potentially lacking in social skills), be sure that you aren’t invading their personal space too much.

For those that prefer the term nerd (such as myself), you are also free to embrace your nerdiness today.

But, how might one embrace their nerdiness/geekness today? Good question.

I have opted to sit down for a nerdly talk with my former Mathematics Masters advisor, Dr. Pal Fischer. Not because we have any important projects that we are working on, and not because it’s required as part of my job. I do it, because Pal is one of the most intelligent men I’ve ever met in my life, and I love, love, love chatting with him. Every conversation with him is a walk in nerd-paradise. Clearly, this is one of the best ways to celebrate my nerdiness. As a side note, my use of the term clearly definitely comes from working with Pal. It’s impossible not to use it when working with him, because every mathematical concept is just clear to him.

Don’t worry though, I’m not going to just have a nerdly chat with Pal. I had breakfast with Almost Dr. Lorna and Jasper Tey this morning (clearly a nerdly thing to do). And I’m going to go for a run or a bike later today, which will require necessary calculations off the top of my head to estimate pace, and expected completion time. But don’t worry folks – that won’t be it – as I’m sure I will do other things that qualify as nerdly; I mean, it is my modus operandi.

Anyway, happy Embrace Your Geekness Day all y’all. Go hug a geek/nerd. They’ll surely thank you for it.


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  1. Beth says:

    I embrace my geekiness every day. =)

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