Dear Windy City – I’m Coming For You

The Chicago skyline at night. Image via Wikipedia.

Dear Chicago,

I’m coming for you.
Consider yourself warned.

Love me.

As you are likely aware, one of the items on my Not-So-Bucket-List list is to travel each month for a year. And up until this month, I’ve managed 6 trips in 6 months. Not a bad first half of the year. Anyway, not wanting to ruin my run at this particular Not-So-Bucket-List item, I’ve scheduled my July trip. And as you’ve guessed from the title, I’m heading to Chicago.

Why Chicago?

That’s easy. Chicago is an amazing city (I’ve been there numerous times before). It’s partly amazing because it has an incredible waterfront, an excellent jazz and art scene, amazing neighbourhoods, great food and drinks, and an ample supply of awesome. But it’s even more amazing because that is where Ben and Erin live; Ben being a most awesome friend who moved there several years ago, and Erin being his most awesome wife. Given that I haven’t seen Ben since last year during my PhD prom, I figured it was time I got off my ass and visited. And I can’t wait. Ben has already informed me that he’s going to take the Friday off when I arrive so that we can get into trouble enjoy the city and all of its wares.

At this point, I have no specific plans for Chicago except for one. That is, I’m going to want to visit this new art installation. Now, what I do when I’m visiting this installation is up to you, dear readers. That is, I’m putting it out there – what should I do while here? It needs to be epic (and legal, or at least legal-ish).

Anyway, as I mentioned – I have no specific plans. I’m really just looking forward to hanging with Ben and Erin, eating some good food, drinking some good wine/beer/port/whatever, and wandering an amazingly beautiful city. We’ll probably visit the Field Museum (that’s where Sue lives – and if you know me, you’ll know I love Sue), the Adler Planetarium, the Shedd Aquarium, the Art Institute of Chicago, Wrigley field, the millenium bean, and who knows what else. And if the weather cooperates, perhaps I’ll get some tanning time in too. W00t!

Wherever we wander, I know it’s going to be awesome.

P.S. Thanks to Tweeter @FCPenno for setting me up with a sweet deal. If you are thinking of travelling, give him a call (or follow him on Twitter):

Joel Pennington, International Travel Consultant,
Flight Centre


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  1. Am ENVIOUS. I miss Ben like crazy and have always loved going to Chicago with you (it’s been 3 trips, right?). Have SO MUCH FUN!! Let me know if you ever find “Mama’s Little Bakery”.

    1. dangillis says:

      Mama’s Little Bakery – Hilarious. I so wish that place existed. Actually, after all these years, maybe it does now. I’ll have to get my Google on to figure that one out.

      I’ll be sure to give Ben and Erin a big hug for you.

      As for our trips together – I know there was at least 1 that involved a vehicle, and 1 that involved a hangover so bad we didn’t want to move, and then our flight was canceled. The last one was for the 30th, was it not? I think in that case, I met you in Chicago? I forget things. LOL.

      1. The first was the aforementioned hangover one – the February after Ben moved there so 2001. Stupid, cheap Budweiser. B was in that tiny apartment and we FROZE any time we went out. I got all weepy for Ben one night, and he got all verklempt. You came out of the bathroom and were all like “Tears?? Wha…?!?!” We flew on your Dad’s airmiles. My name was misspelled on the ticket and Ben met us at the gate. Ah – the good old days.

        The second was in a rental car for Ben’s b-day in November 2001. Some of my friends were headed to a residence hall conference so we all drove and split costs. I was the only person in the car who had a driver’s license and a credit card, so I was the only one who could drive. We had DOWNPOURS through Michigan on the way there, and I had to drive through the night on the way back; I made you sit in the front with me to keep me awake. We went up the Sears Tower on 11/9 (Ben’s b-day) and my Mom freaked out.

        And yep – the last one was in 2007 for Ben’s 30th. That was awesome…we flew in and our right around the same time. That was a great trip. Frankly, they all were! 🙂

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