Show Me Your Downward Dog: Week 2

So yesterday marked the end of the 2nd week of my 35 day yoga challenge. That means I’m 40% bendier than I was before I started. Okay, maybe that math doesn’t quite add up. And maybe, perhaps, I haven’t really done anything to determine if I’ve actually become bendier. But I stand by my statement. Forty. Percent. Bendier.

How did week 2 go? Pretty good actually, if you ignore the fact that I missed 2 classes over 2 separate days. But, I doubled up on Sunday so I’m only short 1 class for the week. For those who are counting, that’s 13 classes completed in 14 days. I figure I can make up the other missed class some time this week. And, this doesn’t screw up my challenge as the requirement is that I complete 35 classes over the 35 days.

Why did I miss getting my bend-on on two separate occasions? Well, in the first case (Tuesday) I went to see Harry Potter with a bunch of friends. So. Freaking. Awesome. In fact, so awesome that I saw it again on Thursday with Kevin. Which is why I missed yoga on that day too. I could have gone earlier in the day, but then I wouldn’t have been able to have dinner with Aqleema. Clearly I had a difficult decision to make, but I believe I made the best decision given the situation. Dinner was awesome. The movie was awesome. And I still have 21 days to make up the missed classes.

Anyway, here is a summary of week 2.

  • Monday: Moksha Level II – 75 minutes
  • Tuesday: Harry Potter with Steph, Gerarda, Alan, Sean, Mike, Victoria, Randy, Kim, Maggie, and Elizabeth
  • Wednesday: Moksha Yin – 75 minutes
  • Thursday: Dinner with Aqleema and Harry Potter with Kevin
  • Friday: Moksha Kharma – 60 minutes
  • Saturday: Moksha – 60 minutes
  • Sunday: Moksha – 60 minutes, and Yin – 90 minutes
Two weeks down, three to go.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick says:

    Awesome, keep it up! And I still haven’t seen HP. Woe is me 😦

  2. dangillis says:

    You’ve apparently been out adventuring. If you haven’t seen it by the time I come to visit, I’m willing to go for a third viewing 🙂

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