Chicago – My Kind Of Town

 Yesterday I continued my quest to travel 12 times in 12 months. I’ve successfully passed the half-way point; that is, I’ve been on 7 trips so far this year. For those who may have forgotten, the list includes Hawaii, New York, Ottawa, Calgary, Ottawa, Halifax & Wolfville, and now Chicago.

I arrived in Chicago yesterday morning after a 3:30am pick up by Red Car. I’m pretty sure no one should have to get up at that time. Ever. In fact, the only way anyone should see that time of day is if they are going to bed at that point.

The flight itself was uneventful, included a 10 minute cat-nap, and thank the FSM no screaming children. The woman next to me had doused herself in what I can only imagine was some sort of perfume you might find in the dollar store, but she was nice and I was too exhausted to really care.

It was great to meet up with Ben. He took the day off of work so that we could wander about and enjoy the city. After a quick but necessary shower to remove the staleness one tends to have on their body after flying, we headed out to a local eatery for some food. We spent the morning catching up and chatting, drinking coffee, sampling some local beers (specifically Goose Island Sofie and Goose Island Matilda), and then meeting up with some of his colleagues.

Of course, being the light weight that I am these days, I was drunk after 2 beers. That didn’t mean I was out for the count. It did, however, mean that feeding me more booze-y goodness wasn’t difficult because my ability to say no had apparently been drowned by the first two beers. Thankfully the booze consumption was spread out over the day, so while I had a great buzz going, I wasn’t (at least to my recollection) stumbling all over the place.

Note to the readers #1: I don’t get stumble-drunk, I get charming. Riiiiiiiight.

Note to the readers #2: Ben has informed me that I was trying not to stumble while walking home last night. Clearly the ground was uneven, as Note to the readers #1 clearly indicates that I don’t get stumble-drunk. Ha. Right.

I have to say that my favourite beverages of the night were found at a little bar called The Whistler. This place was amazing. All of the drinks were designed by the owners, and they were absolutely tasty. The two drinks that I particularly enjoyed were The Whistler Punch and The Viking Funeral. The Whistler Punch was light and refreshing – definitely a winning drink for a hot summer day. The Viking Funeral wasn’t as light, but it had an incredible spicy flavour. I’m going to have to go back to try them again so that I can better describe them both (and without the influence of the beer I had to start the day).

Anyway, we are off for food and further adventure.


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  1. Beth says:

    Looks like it’s a good time to be stateside. Sarah and Dave are in Vermont, Jen Wood is in New York City, and me and Nancy and her family are in Portland! Say hi to Ben for me!

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