Last But Not Least

Our samplers. We had one of each (from left to right) of Bottom Up Wit, Cross of Gold, Rosa, Anti-Hero IPA, Coup D'etat, The Whip, and the Eugene.

While Sunday was the last day I would spend in Chicago visiting Ben, it was most definitely not the least. Since we weren’t as silly on Saturday as we were Friday – you know, where we unwisely matched a lack of food consumption with an increase in booze consumption – and since we had gotten to bed at a relatively decent time on Saturday, we began our Sunday the way that anyone might; with a 10km run. To be more accurate, we ran 10 km together and then I continued on for an extra 5 km or so.

The run was excellent. There were a number of people out and about enjoying what turned out to be another hot and beautiful summer day in the city. Some were running, others walking. Those that I envied the most were the ones sitting at a cafe enjoying their morning coffee. It wasn’t the sitting that I envied – the run was awesome, felt comfortable, and the scenery was fantastic – it was the smell of coffee. Thankfully, Ben had prepared us some Americanos prior to our run so it wasn’t too torturous to smell the percolating beans wafting through the air. Okay, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being I couldn’t care less as I’m not interested in coffee at all, and 10 being I would punch a dolphin in the face for a cup of joe right now), I was probably at a 4. Okay, maybe 5. Er, 6. Whatever.

Following our run we wandered to the local Farmer’s Market where we sampled various fares such as spring rolls (verdict: delicious), iced tea (quench-thirsting-ly awesome), dairy free strawberry rhubarb pie (I was clearly in heaven), chocolate croissants, and various other pastries. We also walked over to the Revolution Brewing Pub to sample the wide selection of beer they had available. Of the 6 different samples I tried, I have to say the Anti-hero, Whip, and the Eugene topped my list. The Eugene had a fantastically smooth chocolate and coffee flavour, while the Anti-hero was nice and hoppy.

Following our last beer, we headed back to Ben’s so that I could pack and make my way back home. Boo.

Anyway, thank you Ben for an awesome weekend. It was great seeing you again my friend. Erin, I promise next time that I’ll visit when you are actually in town. The trip was severely lacking in Erin hugs.

For those keeping track, I can know cross of item #129 on my Not-So-Bucket-List. I also have 7 trips in 7 months under my belt – meaning I’m getting closer to achieving item #195 (travel 12 times in 12 months).

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