Embracing Exhaustion: It’s What Mileage Whores Do – Follow Up

Turn off the damn light; kitty is exhausted.

As I mentioned yesterday, I woke up tired, and then spent the day pushing my body. Partly because I like to, partly because I wanted to see what I could do, partly because I don’t like my body telling me what to do, and partly because I figured that my surgery will likely slow me down for a bit, so I need to get in as much exercise as possible now.

Anyway, my fellow run-until-you-puke and embrace-exhaustion friend Carolyn informed me via the Twitter that the results of yesterday’s time trial with the Guelph Victors were posted. And I have to say, we kicked ass. I came in second, but it was a really close second. In fact, I was off the lead by 0.6 seconds. Crazy wicked awesome. Next time I’m so winning.

And congrats to Carolyn, who was hot on my tail and clocked in a 3rd place finish. Freaking amazing. As she mentioned in the comments section of yesterday’s post, we both need to stop worrying about our mileage and stuff so much, and work on our confidence.

Anyway, given that I’m still chasing the 5 km in under 20 minutes goal, I am going to continue the Guelph Victor training. I really think it’s going to be just what I need to get to a new level of speed. Who knows, maybe a sub 19 minute 5 km is in my future! Crazy talk, but one never knows. Oh, and just so that I’m clear and no one worries – I do realize that I won’t be able to restart my sprint training until my body has healed.

I’m crazy, but I’m not stupid.

Okay, maybe I’m a little stupid. But that just adds to my charm, right?

For those curious, my time trial results are provided below. I enjoy that my final lap was the fastest. I also like that I only have to get my lap time down to 1 minute 36 seconds to be on pace for a 20 minute 5 km.

For a full list of the time trials (i.e., times for all of the runners), click here.

Average Pace: 4:33 minutes per km

Total time to run 3 km: 13:38.2

Lap Time Per Lap Distance (m) Pace per km Total Time
1 1:02.2 200 5:10 1:02.2
2 1:52.5 600 4:40 2:54.7
3 1:46.4 1000 4:25 4:41.2
4 1:44.8 1400 4:20 6:26.0
5 1:47.1 1800 4:28 8:13.1
6 1:50.9 2200 4:35 10:04.1
7 1:50.5 2600 4:35 11:54.7
8 1:43.5 3000 4:18 13:38.2

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Carolyn says:

    4:18 for the bell lap = sweet. All sub-4s after the first 400, too. You’re going to kick the ass of marathon #2.

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