So Long Morphine, Hello Oxycodone

I have a few ouchies. Click the picture to see them all - if you dare.

And just like that, I’m home. I was given my discharge notice around 8:30 this morning after a visit by my most awesome surgeon, Dr. Phillips.

My night in the hospital was smooth, and in fact I was off of the morphine by about 11:30 pm. When my breathing seemed shallow and such, the nurses had my Morphine reduced. There was a fear that I wasn’t oxygenating enough as I was breathing both shallow and slow. Anyway, when they reconnected me to a lower dose of Morphine, I was half asleep. That means I missed the instruction informing me that I was still supposed to be self-administering the Morphine. But instead I just rolled over and watched some t.v. and then went to bed for a few hours. No pain. Wild stuff.

The IV was officially removed from my arm at 8 this morning. I then had a lovely breakfast of juice, coffee, and apple sauce, cleaned up a bit, got dressed and waited for my dad to pick me up.

Afterwards, we headed to Metro so that I could pick up my painkillers. I thought I was getting Percocet, but in reality I got Oxycodone. Now, I had thought these were different drugs, but the almighty Wikipedia suggests that they are essentially the same, except Percocet also has Paracetemol in it. Who knew?

Anyway, now I’m all dopey on Oxycodone. But, at least I’m dopey at home. I have a tall glass of chocolate almond milk next to me, and Elliot is purring on the ground next to me. All seems right with the world.


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  1. Beth says:

    Glad to see your tattoos all survived the slicing and dicing!

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