Fifth Times A Charm

Today I ventured into the realm of solid food. W00t!

What did I choose? Only an awesomely awesome order of freshly made french fries from New York Fries (small of course).


My stomach, although still small, was so very happy to have something other than juice or apple sauce in it. Happy belly means happy Dan. Granted, it required approximately 5 hours to finish off the container of fries, but good lord they were goooooooooood. So freaking good.

But why 5 hours? you ask.

Well, I ate only a small amount of fries in the first 30 minutes (as illustrated in the picture below) because I had already consumed a tall soy Mocha Coconut Frap from Starbucks. And clearly my stomach is the size of a pea. I then required a nap because I pulled off a double lap of the mall today on my Mall-Walking adventure. Amazing, I know. It’s like I’m training for something. Ha! After my nap, I ate a bit more, then worked a bit, then ate a bit more, until eventually, finally, the container was empty. My stomach is full of delicious fries. Happy belly is happy.

My order of fries after about 30 minutes. Yes, it took me that long to eat what I did. But damn they were tasty.

In other news, on my walk today I ended up going into a sneezing fit for some reason. In the first instance, I sneezed 4 times in a row – which I don’t know that I’ve ever done. I’m usually a 2 sneeze sneezer at most. But maybe I only noticed because of the surgery. Regardless, the first 4 sneezes were a bit rough but manageable.

But then, out of nowhere, 20 minutes later I sneezed again. AGAIN! That was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. Or in my case, felt like it bust an ab. Talk about hot fire below. So I ended up spending the rest of the day with my friend oxycodone (just 1) and trying not to move too much.

In other news, the swelling across my abs is slowly going down. In its place – some very nice bruising. Awesome!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    I just got home from Bootcamp and those fries look so goddamn delicious I want to eat my computer screen right now. So. Delicious.

  2. Beth says:

    Also, thanks for answering my stats question earlier today when you were all in pain from sneezing and suchlike!

  3. Beth says:

    Also, my baby nephew is a triple sneeze sneezer. To the point that if he only sneezes two times, the entire family looks at him like, “What’s your problem? WHERE IS YOUR OTHER SNEEZE??”

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