Show Me Your Downward Dog: Week 5

Last week was the end of my 35 day challenge (which officially ended on Sunday). How did I do? Not as well as I’d like to.

Actually, I shouldn’t complain. I did pretty well given that there was that little thing we call surgery on the 5th.

So ya, I don’t really have much to say. I didn’t do any yoga over the past week. Recovery sort of prevented that. I managed to do some very minor stretching during my recovery, mainly when I woke up in the morning. I managed to do my mall walks. And I managed to sleep. A lot. I’m going to chalk that up as a win for the time being, with the knowledge that once I’m fully recovered, I’ll be all over yoga. And biking. And running. And it will be awesome.

I also know that I will try this challenge again. For the 4 weeks I managed to get out there and get my bend on, I loved every second of it. The challenge reminded me why I love yoga, and how good it is for me – physically, mentally, and emotionally. So dear readers, this is not the end of my yoga challenge. Well, it’s the end of this yoga challenge, but there will be others. There will be others.


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