That Was Quick

I’m currently sitting at the Ottawa airport, awaiting my flight back to Toronto that is to leave in about an hour. An hour and 10 to be exact. Sadly, it should be leaving now, but for reasons unbeknownst to me, it has been delayed. Such is the life of a traveller.

To say the weekend was quick would be an understatement. As I mentioned yesterday, I flew in Friday night to visit Matt & Monique, and the rest of the misfits for the white-water-rafting adventure-that-wasn’t. At least, it wasn’t to be for me; as I stated before, I stayed behind while everyone went off and got their rafting on since I had surgery only slightly more than 2 weeks ago.

Anyway, the weekend was awesome despite the fact that I personally did not get my rafting on. We spent Friday night catching up, having drinks (I sipped water, as I had decided that while the mixing of oxycodone and booze might be entertaining and fun, it was more than likely not one I should have experimented with), laughing, playing cards, and basically picking up where we’d left off when last the entire group was together.

Saturday, while the group went rafting, Erin and I wandered the area. We stopped at the Byward Market, exploring the fares, the foods, and the people. We toured the National Gallery, which included a stop in the special Caravaggio exhibit (verdict: quite good). We were pleased to see so many people touring the museum. In fact, the Caravaggio exhibit was almost too full for my liking. We also toured the contemporary art wing; some of the pieces were far more interesting to me than others. For example, I loved the hanging barbed wire (I think that is what it was) that was structured in such a way as to create a really interesting if not nauseating visual effect. I was a bit confused by the insulation/under-carpeting material that was piled into a mound on the floor. The set of three neon lights had less impact on me than what one might think given that each set of lights was set up to represent the roman numerals I, II, and III. And finally, the point of the set of 136 bricks laid long-end to long-end across the floor were completely lost on me. Erin and I did notice that one of the bricks seemed out of line, and pondered whether or not this was a deliberate act of the artist to make us wonder if this were purposeful, or whether or not some asshat had decided to move one of the bricks. You see, while neither of us got the work, we also would never modify or damage an artists work. That’s just not cool.

After the museum, we headed to the Rideau Centre, as our lunch was interrupted by rain and it seemed like the best way to avoid getting soaked. I picked up some sweaters from Club Monaco, and I was happy to learn that they offer a 20% discount to students and professors. Granted, when I told the story to everyone after the fact, they assumed that the girl behind the counter may just have been flirting with me. Regardless, I snagged a 20% discount, and that’s all good.

Later Saturday eve, Monique and I went out to grab food. I tried some stir fried rice and seafood. While I couldn’t eat a lot, it really did represent the first real meal I’ve had in a while. AWESOME!

The night concluded with drinks at Matt & Monique’s place, followed by Karaoke (which I did not participate in, for the benefit of all humanity). I had to leave early however, as my abs and such started to hurt after more sneezing. Oh well, it was still a great night.

Today, I vegged out with Matt, did the breakfast thing with the remaining misfits, and then made my way to the airport. And here I sit awaiting my flight.


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  1. Rick says:

    In general, karaoke does little for the benefit of all humanity… but it’s so much fun, w00t! Glad you had a nice trip 🙂

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