What Exactly Is A Sporcle?

The other day I was looking over my WordPress statistics and noticed that someone (I have no idea who) had linked to my page via Sporcle. Clicking the link, I was brought to the following page, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Before I go on, perhaps I should tell you a little bit about Sporcle. Sporcle, for those unaware, is a website that was created some time ago (I don’t know when exactly). The point was to provide users with a list of random timed quizzes. The topics for the quizzes range from geography, to science, to art and history, television, movies, awards, etc. There really are no limits to what the quiz can be about.

I was introduced to Sporcle sometime during my Ph.D., and let me tell you it offered up many countless hours of stress relief and distraction from wavelets, conditionally autoregressive random effects, Bayesian analysis, and spatial correlation. Of course, I guess you really have to be a bit of a nerd to want to take time away from Ph.D.’ing to attempt random timed trivia based quizzes. Thankfully, we all know that I am such a nerd.

Some of my favourite sporcle quizzes include

So, back to the point at hand – someone had linked to my blog via Sporcle. At first I thought this might have been some sort of spam related linkage, so I clicked on the quiz. I recognized the topic area immediately and was quite excited to think that my List-o-Nerdidays might have somehow guided the creation of this particular quiz. And then I saw the source area on the page – that is, where the author of the quiz (who is listed as druhutch) obtained the information that fed the quiz. I may have squeed a little. This was proof positive that druhutch had in fact used my list to inform the questions on his/her quiz. W00t!

In other news, I also thoroughly enjoyed the following quote which they list as a disclaimer at the beginning of the quiz.

“I of course mean ‘geek’ in the most AFFECTIONATE way possible. I am a geek myself. I mean the term in a *loving* way. (please don’t somehow make my computer explode with your nerd magic).” druhutch.

The thought of nerd magic being used to make someone’s computer explode makes me giggle.


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  1. Ian Henry says:

    Hi ,

    ######### from Sporcle here.

    I came across a recent blog post you wrote that mentioned Sporcle https://consumedbywanderlust.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/what-exactly-is-a-sporcle/.

    In the coming weeks we are going to launch a “Guest Blogger” feature on the Sporcle blog http://www.sporcle.com/blog/ .

    I am contacting you to see if you would be interested in being a guest blogger for this new feature.

    Please let me know if you might be interested in talking about this idea in more detail.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



    Public Relations Associate
    Sporcle, Inc.

    * Note – contact information redacted by Consumed By Wanderlust. 🙂

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