A huge congratulations to Dr. Beth and the 39 other women that just finished the Longest Game of Hockey for Cystic Fibrosis. The game started over 243 hours ago, on August 26, 2011. Since the puck dropped, 40 women and numerous volunteers (see here for a full list of names) have been sharing the ice, the rink, and several trailers, all with the purpose of raising awareness and money to help support research to treat and eventually cure Cystic Fibrosis. If that isn’t a huge cup of inspirational inspiration, then I don’t know what is.

Think about that. Two hundred and forty-three hours, 5 minutes of non-stop hockey. That’s mind-blowing! My mind = blown.

Consider this in full. Each team required 6 players plus a goalie to play the game during the entire 243+ hours. This means there were always 14 players taking part in any one shift. The first and last shifts (a total of approximately 2.5 hours) were played by all players. If we translate this into person-hours (or, amaze-balls-hours, as I like to call them), we have 40\times 2.5h+14\times 240.5h + 40\times\frac{5}{60}h=3470h:20m amaze-balls-hours; roughly 87 amaze-balls-hours on the ice per person. Eighty-seven hours. More than the equivalent of 2 full-time weeks of work. On the ice. Skating. Scoring. Sweating. Dehydrating. Aching. Bleeding. Blistering.

Unfreaking believable.

This is what Awesome looks like.

Talk about embracing exhaustion.

On top of all of this, the players and volunteers managed to raise over 113 thousand dollars (at last count)1. That’s freaking incredible. Dr. Beth managed to raise over 3 grand2 on her own, which is definitely not an easy thing to accomplish.

In addition to all of this awesomeness, Dr. Beth (who was on the white team) managed to skate her way to 60+ goals. In hockey parlance, that’s a hat trick of a hat trick of hat tricks times two plus 2 hat tricks – which is a crazy amount of hat tricks for anyone in the hat tricking business to have. Seriously insane. She also received her first ever penalty (for tripping no less).

The score around 8am (Vancouver time) was

I’m so freaking proud of you Dr. Beth. Congratulations on the best and longest game of hockey ever played. Congratulations on raising so much money for such an amazing cause. And thank you for being so freaking awesome in practically every way possible.

1 Donations are still being accepted. Click on the link up there to the right to donate. Every penny helps.

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  1. Beth says:

    Thanks for all your support through this game, Dan! All of your retweets of my calls to donate and our tweets back and forth during the game – not to mention all your encouragement before and during the game AND you fabulously amazing donation mean the world to me!

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