A Surprise Package – The Best Kind Of Package.

A Surprise Package!

When I arrived home today and opened up my mailbox – something I normally do daily so as not to miss out on any wicked awesome deals from Burger King, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Pizza Hutt, or insert any other fast food that I wouldn’t ever eat – I was welcomed by a yellow’ish express post styled envelope. The very same envelope you see in the picture to the left. Exciting!

What the what? I thought. Who has sent me a fantastic yellow package, and what mysteries might be contained within?

At first I was perplexed, but then I noticed the writing and knew who had sent it. His writing hasn’t really changed since the day I met him, way back in the extra old time-y days of grade 6. Once that came to me, it also brought to light a text message conversation we had the week prior. For your reading entertainment, I have painstakingly recreated that text message conversation below:

Yes, our conversations are always this highbrow.

Anywho, I had no idea what might be inside and I have to say I was pretty excited about the prospects. Of course, nothing I could ever have imagined would come close to the awesomeness that I was about to unwrap. And, being the nerd that I am I had to document the entire thing.

Note: the documentation may also have been a procrastination method, as I’ve been spending my days and nights putting together a grant application. Apparently I feel that someone should give me about $300,000 in order to do Statistical things with numbers and data-type stuffs. I digress. 

The Opening

The Gift

The gift
An up close of the card.
The fine print.
My new super awesome set of nerd-dice.

As you can see, the gift was a set of dice that have amazingly awesome and completely relevant mathematical constants on them. Specifically, they are adorned with 0, 1, i, e, \phi, and \pi. So. Freaking. Cool. And so me. So me times a billion. And now I want to play Yahtzee with them. Or perhaps develop some game of my own. And who wouldn’t want to play a game that involved wicked-awesome dice like these? No one, that’s who.

But, I can’t forget the card. You see, the card that came with the gift is awesome on a level I can’t even begin to describe. It’s an infographic with fine print that reads “this is dan”. Simple. Elegant. And bang on. Attached to me are a number of branches that end in a word that describes me or something that I love. I have to say that the card really is my favourite part of the gift. The infographic includes so many things that really do describe me or things I love perfectly. And I love, love, love that my heart is on the branch that leads to math. I also love, love, love that the card is an infographic, as I am a huge fan of infographics.

Clearly, after 25+ years of knowing me, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that one Mr. Rob was able to find a gift and generate an infographic that was so accurate and so perfect for me. So to you Mr. Rob, a huge thank you. Your gift made my heart grow three sizes today and that’s not an easy accomplishment. Without getting too mushy, I’ll simply write

I love you too, you big stupid jerk. 

Oh, and I’m not the only one that thinks the dice are awesome. Elliot loves them too. Perhaps a little too much. I’ll have to remember to put them away so he doesn’t accidentally ingest one.

In completely unrelated news – Jasper Tey – I have a challenge for you. Take this video, and JasperFX it – If you dare.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Robert says:

    You are most welcome and I’m glad that you liked your ‘surprise package’. I only ask that you not include me in any mathematically derived game you come up with.

    PS: It was a toss-up between the dice and a chocolate microscope. I’m wondering now though, if I made the right decision.

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