20000 Reasons To Smile Like An Idiot

On May 19, 2011, Consumed By Wanderlust hit 10,000 page views. At that time, I was amazed at the number of people reading and commenting on my blog.

Well folks, today marks another monumental step for this blog. Today is the day that I hit 20,000 page views. Twenty freaking thousand! That’s incredible. If only each of those views came with a dollar; we could have a wicked awesome party. And who doesn’t want to celebrate 20,000 views?

How am I actually going to celebrate? Well, I’m going to have a bit of a nap (as I was up quite late last night working), then maybe a run, followed by a tea and some food, and then bed. Sweet, sweet, bed. Yes, I’m just that much of a party animal. Oh, and I might also be going to Montreal tomorrow night (where might also be clearly means am), but I’ll leave that particular adventure-in-the-making for another post.

As with my previous milestone of 10,000 page views, I offer you some random facts and statistics about Consumed By Wanderlust. The blog was created on January 19th, but it didn’t go ‘live’ until January 27th. Working from the 19th of January, that means the blog has been chugging along for 239 days. In that time I’ve had 20,000+ views. That’s an average of almost 84 views per day.  Sweet!

I’ve also had 926 comments, with Follow Up III: Dissertation Haiku being the most commented post. Of course, the comments on that particular post consist of a back-and-forth Haiku-off between myself and a friend. Check it out, it’s actually pretty hilarious.

How do the views break down by month and post? I’m glad you asked. And because you’ve asked so nicely, I present to you a tabled summary of number-stuffs and nerdery. Enjoy.

Month Number of Posts Number of Days Number of Views Views Per Day Views Per Post Posts Per Day
January 11 12 477 37 43 0.92
February 28 28 1909 68 68 1.00
March 34 31 3313 107 97 1.10
April 29 30 2532 84 87 0.97
May 28 31 2988 96 107 0.90
June 22 30 2547 85 116 0.73
July 22 31 2029 65 92 0.71
August 26 31 2815 91 108 0.84
September 10 15 1377 82 138 0.67
  • The busiest day on the blog (with 300 views) was August 29. On that day I published Naughty 6 Squared Birthday To Me.
  • The second busiest day of the blog (with 237 views so far) is today. Crazy!
  • Total blog posts = 210 (including this one, but excluding those prior to January 19th, which are posts that were imported from an older blog that I once had a long time ago).
  • Average number of views per day = 84.
  • Average number of views per post = 95.
  • Average number of posts per day = 0.88.
What else can I tell you? How about this – the top search term that brings people to my blog (from Google, for example) is sad baby or some variant of that. Seriously. A quick calculation suggests that about 400 people have found my blog because of this. I’m not sure what to make of that. A close second is pi, with about 350ish people having found my blog due to that search.

Anyway, thank you all for reading and for commenting. I am constantly amazed and honoured at how many of you do. You’ve definitely made this blog a joy to write, and it makes me smile every day. Sort of like this:

I am the happy idiot dog. You are the helping hands that make me smile like an idiot.

Consider yourselves the helping hands that make me smile.

Oh, and don’t worry folks. I’m not planning on updating you with every 10,000 page views. Perhaps the next time you’ll hear about this is when I hit the 40,000 mark. And maybe after that, 80,000. Are you sensing a trend?

Happy reading all y’all. Here’s to the next 20,000 views!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick says:

    I’m thrilled that Naughty 6 Square Birthday To Me was the busiest post!

  2. dangillis says:

    I think it means that my readers are on the naughtier side. Good to know 🙂

  3. Jeremy Newton says:

    Congratulations! I had no idea you posted so often. I plan to check it out more often.

    1. dangillis says:

      Awesome. I try to post every day, but adventuring and stuff gets in the way 🙂

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