An Evening With Jill Barber

Not only was Friday the second #LunchUpGuelph, it was also an Evening With Jill Barber. Could this day have been any better? Likely not. The eve started with a nice glass of wine with my friends Dr. V. and Carolyn. We chatted about running, marathons, and health, with a bit of work thrown in, and […]

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A Note On Classy Bitches

On Saturday I wrote that All The Classy Bitches Drink Mountain Top Scotch, and while those words were clearly true, they didn’t tell the entire story. That is, classy bitches do drink mountain top scotch, but they also scree down the mountain after consuming mountain top scotch. Because who wants to hike 2 hours back […]

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Holy Mole-y

Not being strictly a math & stat nerd, I also feel the need to celebrate National Mole Day, which just happens to fall on October 23rd every single year. Why October 23? Well, a mole represents a specific number of atoms or molecules in a set unit of mass; that number is known as Avogadro’s […]

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