Productive Procrastination

Despite having a list a mile long, and despite having the grandest of intentions to actually get some work done today, I’ve found myself having a hard time getting started. Perhaps it’s related to the weather – it is, after all, rather grey and cold outside. Perhaps it’s the fact that I woke up to a very cold room, and my blood hasn’t warmed up sufficiently (I’m convinced that I’m solar-powered). Or perhaps it’s just that I’m the king of procrastination today. Whatever the reason, I’m a giant bag of do-nothing do-nothingness today.

This is happening right now

Not that I haven’t been somewhat productive today. In fact, if I think about it, the opposite is true. I’ve finished cleaning my house, have but one load of laundry remaining to be washed, wrote up a proposal, and have spent some quality time with the wee fuzzball (he’s currently snuggled up in my armpit, making typing a bit of a challenge).

Despite all of this, my list hasn’t really changed much from when I first woke up. I still have a couple of reference letters to write. I still have to work on another grant application. I still have a report to complete. And, I still have an analysis or two to do. Awesome.

Regardless, I can’t help but feel that these aren’t nearly as important as what I’ve just spent the last 30 or so minutes doing. Specifically, I’ve spent the last 30 minutes or so putting together a video of the fuzzball. Yes, yes, another video of the fuzzball.

In this case, I wanted to try to capture the fuzzball in action, as he is every time that I do the laundry and change my bedding. I’m not sure what attracts him to the bed when I’m trying to make it, but this behaviour occurs every single time. And it makes me laugh. Every. Single. Time.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I give you fuzzball in all his epic cuteness.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your Sunday (in spite of the cold and grey weather). I think I’m going to tackle the report now, as I think it is the lowest hanging fruit in my tree of things to do.


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  1. Beth says:

    Have once had a step-cat, I can confirm that cats love to be on the bed when you change the sheets. Like you, I don’t know what attracts them to the bed at this time, but without fail, the cat will get in the way of you trying to put sheets on the bed every. single. time.

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