Shake It Out

Florence and the Machine in concert.

Walking home today I was listening to the new single by Florence and the Machine, called Shake It Out. For your listening pleasure, I’ve attached a YouTube Vimeo clip of the song below.

Now for those that aren’t aware, I’m a big Florence and the Machine fan. Prior to hearing Adele‘s 21 earlier this year, you could be guaranteed that I was listening to Florence and the Machine’Lungs on repeat. I love the album. It’s a wall of sound that charges me up, and makes me feel that I could do anything, that I could take on the world. The new song, Shake It Out has the exact same effect. It’s an anthem and I absolutely love it. The song is supposed to be about letting go of regrets and moving forward, and there is clearly something very powerful about being able to do that. Perhaps that is why when I hear the song I feel somehow empowered.

Or it’s just uber catchy and I’m a sucker for some sweet beats.

Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out [Official Music Video] from Back Alley Journals on Vimeo.

So, the song got me thinking – not about regrets or anything like that – but instead about things that charge me up; things that get me excited about seeing the world, trying new things, or working on various projects. Some of what inspires me can be as simple as a conversation with a friend or colleague, or a spontaneous gathering of Tweeters, or even videos that I’ve found online. Regardless of what they are, I can’t help but use them as motivation when I’m working on something; especially when I’ve been working on said something for an extended period of time, and I’m nearing the end of said something, even though said something just doesn’t seem to want to end (I’m looking at you PhD that never wanted to end, but thankfully did).

Anyway, with that in mind I leave you with several videos that I find inspiring. They leave me excited to learn about the world; wanting to see things I’ve never seen; wanting to seek out adventure; wanting to stay inquisitive and awestruck at just how amazing this existence is. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them too 🙂

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  1. whoa… thanks for sharing these. the eat learn move videos are just… wow. so inspiring!

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