Best. Christmas. Ever. Part II: The Re-Christmasing.

Wanderlust 1.1. Best map in the history of maps.

As I wrote yesterday, I recently received the most amazing gift I think I’ve ever received. Specifically, my friend Rob created a map of the world that summarizes the various places around the globe that I’ve travelled during my adventures in wanderlusting, including those that I plan to travel. He merged these to-be-travelled places with my Not-So-Bucket-List list so as to make the map more informative and complete. Further, he sought out the help of my friend Rick who provided haikus and some very touching (read vomit inducing) words. The gift – my map – was dubbed Wanderlust 1.1.

And as I wrote yesterday, I was amazed by this gift. I still am. It’s freaking awesome.

Anyway, last night I asked Rob if he could send me a jpeg or pdf version of the map so that I could make it my desktop image. And as I type this, I can see parts of that gift poking out from behind my browser, because of course Rob got right on it and sent me a jpeg file – one perfectly sized to the dimensions of my MacBook Pro. Clearly, Rob is awesome.

I should point out that the map is also the image that I see whenever I look at my iPhone. And tomorrow, when I get to the office, it will also become the background image to both of my monitors of my iMac desktop computer. Although, this might not be conducive to work as every time I look at the map I start wanderlusting.

Anyway, I thought I would also post the jpeg image here so that you might be able to see the entire gift in all its glory, instead of just pathetic little snapshots that I took trying (but failing) to capture the epicness that is Wanderlust 1.1. I look forward to providing Rob with the adventuring, the shenanigans, the travel, the travelling shenanigans, the adventure travelling, and other suchlike things that would be required for him to spend further countless hours updating this map. Because that’s the kind of friend I am. And if I’m extra lucky, Rob will be joining me on some of the adventures that will one day become a data point on Wanderlust 1.x.

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