A Not-So-Bucket-List Review


Last night I received the following text (left) from Rick. Clearly my answer was an immediate yes. Well, technically I responded with “I think we both know the answer to that :)” Anyway, after a few texts flew back and forth, we agreed that Winter Ice Climbing was going to happen, and it should be added to my Not-So-Bucket-List list.

Flash forward to this morning. After adding this new adventure to the things I have to do, I realized that the deadline for the original posting of was almost here (May 12, 2012). Okay, it’s still just over 6 months away, but time flies and such. So I figured I’d check out what still needed to be accomplished, and maybe prioritize those items such that I can accomplish as much of my original list as possible.

Without further ado, here is my original list (reposted below, from here). Of the 166-item long list (31 of which are actually due after May 12, 2012), I am happy to report that I’ve accomplished 80 of them. That’s 48.2% of them. If I exclude those items that are due after May 12, 2012 that have been accomplished (5), then I’ve actually accomplished 75 of 135 due by May 12, 2012 items (55.6 %). Not bad. And I still have 6+ months to go. W00t! I wonder how many of these I can cross off in that time.

Of those yet-to-complete activities, there are 40 that I would say are quite probable should I actually get off my duff and do something. Of those 40 yet-to-complete items, 6 are in the works and will likely be completed before the year-end. Further, 15 of the 40 are health-related goals, 11 are related to food or drink. Only 1 is related to travel (crazy).

Of course, I’m not the type to lament those things I didn’t or won’t have time to accomplish. Somehow, for whatever reason, these were clearly the lesser items on my list, and as such, are there for tomorrow. I’ll simply leave them on my list, and try to check them off as soon as I can.

Ultimately, I think what makes me extra doing-a-happy-dance happy about the outstanding list, is that the items on it are rather mundane compared to some of the other things I’ve done. They definitely aren’t skydiving, or hiking a volcano. And they definitely aren’t as difficult as finishing a PhD or running a marathon.

Inside, I'm doing a happy dance.

Complete by Description Date Completed
12-May-12 1. Find a full time faculty position OR a full time Academic/Job 01-Jan-11
12-May-12 2. Finish my PhD 09-Apr-10
12-May-12 3. Publish 3 articles in 1 year
12-May-12 4. Publish 5 articles in 1 year
12-May-12 5. Publish 10 articles in 1 year
12-May-12 6. Teach Differential Equations 16-Aug-10
12-May-12 7. Teach my first Stats Course 11-Jan-10
12-May-12 8. Teach the same course twice 30-Sep-09
12-May-12 9. Be an invited speaker to a conference 31-Oct-10
12-May-12 10. Bungee Jump
12-May-12 11. Climb another mountain 07-Sep-10
12-May-12 12. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and go on Safari
12-May-12 13. Glacier walk 05-Sep-10
12-May-13 14. Hang Glide
12-May-12 15. Insane 10K race with Matt
12-May-13 16. Niagara wine tour
12-May-13 17. Not Since Moses Race (Nova Scotia)
12-May-12 18. Scuba or Snorkel 24-Jan-11
12-May-12 19. Sky Dive (see Adrenaline Smells Like Awesome for details) January 28, 2011
12-May-12 20. Zip line (again)
12-May-13 21. Helicopter ride 21-Jan-11
12-May-13 22. Hike a lava field – again 16-Jan-11
12-May-13 23. Climb an active volcano 16-Jan-11
28-Sep-13 24. No pants subway ride
28-Sep-13 25. La tomatina (tomato fight), Brunal, Spain
28-Sep-13 26. Cage dive with sharks
28-Sep-13 27. Go to a shooting range
12-May-12 28. Raise over $1000 for BBBS bowlathon
12-May-12 29. Go to the symphony (again) 02-Jan-10
12-May-12 30. See a Ballet with Steph
12-May-12 31. See a play (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert with Rick) 28-Dec-10
12-May-12 32. See an Opera
12-May-12 33. See Sarah McLachlan in concert (again)
12-May-12 34. See Stevie Wonder in concert (with Gerarda)
12-May-12 35. See Tori Amos in concert
12-May-12 36. Determine Net Worth 18-Nov-10
12-May-12 37. Invest $20000
12-May-12 38. Pay off ~$15000 of my debt (not including mortgage)
12-May-12 39. Save $500 in change
12-May-12 40. Set up a budget 18-Nov-10
12-May-12 41. Have a champagne tasting night 13-Mar-10
12-May-12 42. Have a gin tasting night 31-Oct-09
12-May-12 43. Have a port tasting night 19-Sep-09
12-May-12 44. Have a scotch tasting night 30-Sep-10
12-May-12 45. Have a tequila tasting night
12-May-12 46. Have a wine tasting night 06-Nov-10
12-May-12 47. Have the rents over for a home cooked meal
12-May-12 48. Learn to cook a good fish dish
12-May-12 49. Learn to cook coque-au-vin
12-May-12 50. Learn to cook Goulash
12-May-12 51. Learn to cook lamb medalions
12-May-12 52. Learn to cook lamb vindaloo (and make it comparable to the Diana)
12-May-12 53. Learn to make chocolate tofu cheesecake (a la The Cornerstone)
12-May-12 54. Learn to make dairy free banana bread
12-May-12 55. Shop at the market 4 Saturdays in a row 26-Sep-09
28-Sep-13 56. Learn to make 2 types of bread
28-Sep-13 57. Learn to make pasta from scratch
28-Sep-13 58. Try 30 new wines (see Wines for details)
12-May-12 59. Buy a $100+ bottle of port and drink it with Gerarda & Alan
12-May-12 60. Buy a new camera
12-May-12 61. Buy a new MacBook Pro 08-Sep-09
12-May-12 62. Buy a new road bike
12-May-12 63. Buy a tailor made suit, or a fitted suit 25-Jun-10
12-May-12 64. Buy an indoor bike attachment for winter biking
12-May-12 65. Go to Hillside with Steph 12-Jun-10
12-May-12 66. Have a double bingo scrabble game 29-Aug-09
12-May-12 67. Have a PhD Prom 26-Jun-10
12-May-12 68. Learn Linux
12-May-12 69. Learn more Spanish
12-May-13 70. Polar bear swim
12-May-12 71. Read Oryx and Crake
12-May-12 72. See a live sex show 28-Jun-10
12-May-12 73. Get to bed before midnight (with at least 6hrs sleep) for 2 weeks straight Jan-10
12-May-12 74. Stop cracking knuckles and joints for at least a week Jan-10
12-May-13 75. Run, 30k Around the Bay
12-May-12 76. Bike 160K
12-May-12 77. Bike 30k Jun-10
12-May-12 78. Bike 40K Jul-10
12-May-12 79. Bike 50k Jul-10
12-May-12 80. Bike 60k
12-May-12 81. Bike 80K
12-May-12 82. C.N. Tower Climb (again)
12-May-12 83. Complete 100 push ups in a row
12-May-12 84. Complete 100 sit ups in a row 21-Aug-09
12-May-12 85. Complete 140 sit ups in a row
12-May-12 86. Complete 200 sit ups in a row
12-May-12 87. Complete 4 consecutive sets of 10 chin ups
12-May-12 88. Complete 4 consecutive sets of 10 pull ups
12-May-12 89. Complete 4 consecutive sets of 4 chin ups 07-Jan-10
12-May-12 90. Complete 4 consecutive sets of 4 pull ups
12-May-12 91. Complete 4 consecutive sets of 6 chin ups 10-Jan-10
12-May-12 92. Complete 4 consecutive sets of 6 pull ups
12-May-12 93. Complete 4 consecutive sets of 8 chin ups
12-May-12 94. Complete 4 consecutive sets of 8 pull ups
12-May-12 95. Complete 50 push ups in a row 23-Aug-09
12-May-12 96. Complete 60 push ups in a row
12-May-12 97. Complete 80 push ups in a row
12-May-12 98. Complete the 30 day yoga challenge 17-Nov-10
12-May-12 99. Develop abs (clearly subjective)
12-May-13 100. Run a 1/2 marathon (again)
12-May-12 101. Run 10k in 50 minutes 09-Sep
12-May-12 102. Run 12k in 60 minutes 09-Sep
12-May-12 103. Run 5k in under 22 minutes
12-May-12 104. Run 5k in under 25 minutes 28-Sep-09
12-May-13 105. Run a marathon
12-May-12 106. Run another 1/2 marathon 17-Oct-10
12-May-12 107. Run another 10K Jun-10
12-May-12 108. Try yoga or hot yoga 22-Aug-09
28-Sep-13 109. Do another 30 day hot yoga challenge
12-May-12 110. Buy new energy saving appliances (all 5)
12-May-12 111. Paint a wall with chalkboard paint (or set up a plexiglass wall), and use it
12-May-12 112. Paint my guest bedroom
12-May-12 113. Paint the kitchen
12-May-12 114. Paint the main bathroom
12-May-12 115. Replace the carpet in the bedrooms with hardwood
12-May-12 116. Replace the carpet in the living room with hardwood
12-May-12 117. Stretch carpet in the upstairs hall
12-May-12 118. Get a new light for the upstairs bathroom 31-Oct-10
12-May-12 119. Celebrate 35th birthday (plus/minus 1.5 months) in another country Jul-10
12-May-12 120. Go on at least 3 dates in as many months Aug-10
28-Sep-13 121. Start a blog 20-Jan-11
12-May-12 122. Travel to Alberta Sep-10
12-May-12 123. Travel to Asia
12-May-12 124. Travel to at least 1 Canadian Territory
12-May-12 125. Travel to at least 1 of: Prague, Vienna or Budapest 31-Dec-10
12-May-12 126. Travel to at least 2 of: Prague, Vienna or Budapest Jul-10
12-May-12 127. Travel to BC
12-May-12 128. Travel to Calgary to visit Rick & Karen Sep-10
12-May-12 129. Travel to Chigaco to visit Ben (again)
12-May-12 130. Travel to visit Arlene
12-May-12 131. Travel to Iceland, the UK, Ireland or Scotland
12-May-12 132. Travel to Manitoba May-10
12-May-12 133. Travel to Montreal 25-Nov-09
12-May-12 134. Travel to New Brunswick
12-May-12 135. Travel to New York Feb-10
12-May-12 136. Travel to Nova Scotia
12-May-12 137. Travel to Ottawa to visit Matt & Jhona 15-Oct-09
12-May-12 138. Travel to PEI
12-May-12 139. Travel to Portugal, Spain or Andorra
12-May-12 140. Travel to Quebec City (again)
12-May-12 141. Travel to Saskatchewan
12-May-12 142. Travel to South or Central America (again)
12-May-12 143. Travel to the Caribbean (again)
12-May-12 144. Travel to Vancouver to visit Beth (again)
12-May-12 145. Travel with Aidan 22-Dec-09
12-May-12 146. Travel with Matt Jun-10
12-May-12 147. Travel with Steph & Gerarda again Feb-10
12-May-12 148. Travel with Rick 14-Jan-11
28-Sep-13 149. Attend Carnival in Brazil
28-Sep-13 150. Travel to the Galapagos
28-Sep-13 151. Travel to Mt. Everest base camp
28-Sep-13 152. Travel the Great Wall of China
28-Sep-13 153. Travel to the Taj Mahal
28-Sep-13 154. Travel to Angor Watt
28-Sep-13 155. Travel to Germany (again) for Oktoberfest
28-Sep-13 156. Travel to Kruger National Park for Safari
28-Sep-13 157. Travel to Las Vegas
28-Sep-13 158. Travel to Petra
28-Sep-13 159. Travel to Christ the Redeemer
23-Sep-14 160. Travel to the World Cup in 2014
12-May-12 161. Watch Battlestar Galactica Season 1
12-May-12 162. Watch missing shows from Dexter Season 3
12-May-12 163. Watch Dexter Season 4 01-Jan-10
12-May-12 164. Watch Dexter Season 5 26-Dec-10
28-Sep-13 165. Watch 150 movies on IMDB top 250 (already viewed movies count)
28-Sep-13 166. Learn to do a hand stand (without ending up with stitches)


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