Failing To Be Awesome Makes Angels Cry

We're so doing this.

Remember how I mentioned that Rick had sent me this text (left) just the other day?

Well, today Rick noticed something on his Facebook wall. Specifically an advertisement for a particular Calgary based activity. Guess which one?

If you guessed Ice Climbing, reward yourself with +1000 interweb points; to do with as you see best.

Clearly, we both took this as a sign that we needed to do this. I mean, the advertisement had to be a sign from the universe, right? Mr. Zuckerberg and his band of merry Facebookers wouldn’t be trolling our conversations (or worse, our brainwaves) to know that we are interested in such things. That would just be crazy, right?

Of course, it’s not that we needed a sign. I mean, I think based on the fact that a) Rick knows me well enough to know that I would say yes to this type of crazy adventure, and b) I responded with a resounding yes, and c) Rick is into this type of crazy adventure, and d) Rick would have responded in a similar manner had I sent him the initial text, it’s clear that nothing would really stop us from doing this. In fact, the decision was essentially made the minute the text messages started flying back and forth.

This will be Rick and me in a few short months. W00t!
Anyway, getting back to the sign. The best part of the ad that was staring Rick in the face was that it offered a 50% discount for a second person if we booked before December 1. Clearly, we had to act. I mean, what if all of the spots filled up because we failed to act? Angels would cry, that’s what. It would be like smacking the universe right in its face. And that’s just wrong. Especially when the universe is encouraging us to do something awesome.

Thankfully, Rick was on it. And I am happy to say, dear readers, that my next adventure is booked. Well, save for the flight to Calgary.

The adventure itself is offered by the good folks at the University of Calgary. Don’t worry Mom and Dad; day 1 includes training in a safe environment. Day 2 is when things get real; we carpool to wherever the ice falls happen to be and start our slow (I’m assuming) but steady way to the top. I can’t wait.

For those curious, this epic adventure occurs over the weekend of February 25, 2012. Only 113 days away. W00t!

Let the countdown begin.


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