Life Is Full Of Awesome

I just finished watching the documentary Life In A Day. If you haven’t heard of this documentary, it’s not what I would call standard fare as far as documentaries go. It doesn’t focus on a company, or a person; it doesn’t have a product to sell per se. Nor is it trying to motivate a movement, or inform us of injustice, or tragedy, or anything of that nature. Instead, it really is the life of many different people over the span of one single day.

The gist of the documentary is as such: on July 24, 2010, people from around the globe filmed and submitted clips of their day. They were asked to answer several questions in the clips that were uploaded to YouTube: What do they love? What do they fear? What’s in their pockets? Over 4500 hours of video were uploaded, and the documentary represents a compilation of them.

The documentary starts off with people waking up, preparing breakfast, doing daily chores, heading to their jobs, etc. It moves through all facets of the day, and pretty much the spectrum of emotions. Love, fear, joy, pain, suffering. All are displayed. Nothing is held back. It truly is an incredible work of art, and in my opinion a work of incredible genius. To create a movie that is so captivating without knowing what was to be ultimately submitted, and without knowing the ‘actors’ is awesome to me. Further, to create something so beautiful and moving, from tiny scraps of video from all corners of the globe, is nothing short of fantastic.

What amazes me the most about this documentary, is the beauty and breadth of life that is shown. Many different types of people are shown; different religions, cultures, and traditions. The young are juxtaposed next to the old, the poor against the rich. And yet there is something very obvious underlying all of this. That is, regardless of where we were born, what faith we might follow, what traditions are passed on to us, beneath all of this, we all seek the same things in life; happiness, fulfilment, meaning, love, etc. This common thread is made clear by listening to the responses to the simplest of questions: What do you love? What’s even more incredible, the similarities in the answers to the question: What do you fear?

Ultimately, I found the documentary absolutely beautiful and uplifting and I highly recommend you take the time to watch it. Even better, you can do so for free, as it is now available for anyone to watch via YouTube. Definitely check it out. You won’t regret it. For your convenience, I’ve embedded the video below.


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