Dear New York: The Doctors Are Coming For You

I can’t believe my next trip is in four days! That’s right folks, I’ll be boarding a plane on Thursday with Dr. Steph and Dr. Gerarda, heading to the Big Apple. This will be about my eleventy billionth visit to New York, and I’m still stoked about it. Okay, maybe not so much my eleventy billionth, but my dad did suggest that perhaps I should just get a place there and ‘vacation’ back here. I’ll have to give that some thought.

Regardless, I’m rather stoked for a few reasons, which I shall present to you in list form of course:

  1. Book of Mormon This play has won a bunch of awards, was written by the guys who created South Park and the guy who wrote the next play (item 2). Gerarda has already seen it, and has raved about it. Clearly, that was enough for me. Plus I love South Park, so seeing this really is a no-brainer.
  2. Avenue Q Since we were going to see Book of Mormon, we figured why not also see Avenue Q – the play created by the other writer of Book of Mormon. Also, it’s a play about puppets. How could I not see it?
  3. Cafe Habana Several trips ago, I was introduced to this restaurant by my friend Mark. The food was incredible and I’ve been raving about it to Gerarda ever since. While we won’t be able to go to the Habana Outpost in Brooklyn (since it is closed for the season), we are going to the original restaurant. My mouth is already watering.
  4. Dear chocolate: I'm coming for you.

    Chocolat Michel Cluizel This will be a first time visit for me. And it all came about because of The Twitter. Specifically, I was having a conversation with @NewtonsNoGluten (also known as Jeremy Newton). He had suggested I try this particular chocolate because he had enjoyed it so much. A quick query of the all-powerful Google informed me that Michel Cluizel has a shop not far from my hotel. Clearly the universe wants me to eat this chocolate.

  5. Maloney And Porcelli Gerarda introduced me to this restaurant on one of our previous trips to the Big Apple several years ago. The wine dinner they offer is exceptional. Great food, and 4 different bottomless bottles of wine. It’s usually a crazy wine filled night, and is always followed by a visit to number 6 on this list.
  6. The Dead Poet A most excellent little pub on Amsterdam Ave. As of my last visit, I decided to join the 100 Pints of Guinness club. The point of the club is simple; drink 100 pints of Guinness. Not in all one sitting of course. Basically, if I manage to drink 100 Pints, I’ll have my name engraved on the list of people who have already accomplished this feat. If I get to 500, they give me my own engraved plaque. Clearly, this is something I have to do before I die.
  7. Crumbs This is a staple of our trips to NYC. Due to the use of butter-cream frosting, I don’t partake in the cupcake-y goodness. However, I have sampled some of their other products and they are awesome. Plus, the bakery smells incredible.
  8. Magnolia Another staple of our visits. This bakery smells like what I imagine heaven would smell like. So freaking delicious.
  9. Dear gin: You're not safe either.

    Breuckelen Distilling Company I discovered this distillery by complete fluke just the other day. That is, I was checking out videos on Vimeo, when I noticed a channel entitled Made By Hand. The channel descriptor suggested that it offered short documentaries about artisans who, clearly, made things by hand. The first episode was about a young man by the name of Brad Estabrooke who, after finding himself unemployed, decided to throw himself into the ring of spirit-making; thus making himself the first gin-distiller in NYC since prohibition. While watching the video I found myself wondering about the gin. Hence, I’ve decided that if I can get there, I’m going to try it. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve linked the short documentary about the distillery below. It’s only about 7 minutes, but well worth the time.

Anyway, New York is always a blast and always offers something new and entertaining whenever I visit. I’m sure this trip will be no different. And it doesn’t hurt that I’ll be travelling with Dr. Steph and Dr. Gerarda; two of the best travelling Doctors that have ever existed.

Made by Hand / No 1 The Distiller from Made by Hand on Vimeo.


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  1. i. hate. you.

    with love of course 😉

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