A Cure For Grey And Rainy

Elliot: the best cure for a grey rainy day.

Today was a rather long day. I didn’t leave my office until about 8:45 or so this evening. Crazy. That’s not to say it wasn’t a fun day; it was just, well, long.

While part of my day was a bit crazy and maybe even a bit stressful, I’ll have to say that it was overall a good day. I managed to read through about 40% of a student’s thesis; making necessary notes and such (as I’m going to be on this student’s Masters examination committee in a few weeks). I also was involved in some very lengthy meetings. Normally I’m not a fan of meetings, but at least one of today’s meetings was actually quite fun. It wasn’t technical, but it provided me a chance to chat with some very smart but in-no-way-statistical people. And better yet, their questions about some of my previous work provided me some excellent fodder for which to build new statistical models that might answer some interesting questions related to a giant dataset that I have at my disposal. To a stats nerd, that’s like manna from heaven.

Now that I’m finally home, I find myself vegging on the couch. Elliot is softly purring in my arms as I type this. He, like most cats, has an incredible ability to nuzzle his way into my arms as I work. And for fear of disturbing him, I modify what I’m doing. That means I’ll switch into finger-typing mode so as not to disturb his highness, or perhaps so that one hand can scratch behind his ears, while the other hand stabs at the keyboard.

As for tonight – I had intended on going for a run. Initially I had wanted to run outside, but the weather and the darkness certainly changed that plan. Running on my treadmill just didn’t seem to hold any attraction either. Perhaps it’s the fact that today was extra grey; who knows? The point is, the idea to go for a run has been thrown out the window. For the sake of assigning blame, I’m going to choose to blame Elliot. He’s just too cuddly. Plus, he’s forcing me to scratch behind his ears. And sometimes, scratching behind Elliot’s ears is just so much more important than going for a run.

A note to Elliot: Thanks buddy. You are the best cure for a grey and rainy day.


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