And The Winners Are…

Today is the big reveal; the day when your voice, dear readers is heard loud and clear. That’s correct, today we reveal the winners of the 1st Annual Movember Moustache-off.

And let me say that the race to the top was tight! In the last 5 minutes, the ultimate winner pulled ahead by only a few votes. Crazy close and exciting! So close that the winner had only

First, I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of the participants; your moustaches have been the source of much entertainment. Also, thank you to Dana and David for adding two extra donation-prizes. Finally, thank you to all who voted. Manly mustachioed men around the world appreciate your part in promoting manly health related things.

Anyway, after several days of furious voting, here is how it all turned out (final voting results are listed below):

Jasper: Favourite and Fanciest Moustache

Your Favourite Moustache, and the recipient of a $100 donation is Jasper! Congrats you creepy mustachioed bastard. Note to my readers – Jasper is a good friend, so I don’t actually think he’s creepy or a bastard.

Babak: Fanciest Moustache

Your choice for Fanciest Moustache, and the winner of a $50 donation is a tie! That is, both Babak and Jasper had the exact same number of votes. But not to worry – both will receive a $50 donation because they clearly deserve it.

And finally, your choice to receive The Heart Was Willing But The Follicles Were Not award (and another $50 donation) is Adam.

Adam: Follicle-y Challenged

So, congratulations to the winners – you’ve done yourselves, Magnum PI, Ned Flanders, the Rons (Swanson and Burgundy), and all other mustachioed manly men proud. Donations will be made shortly. If any reader wishes to donate to the cause, simply visit the contest pageand click on the link for the mo-testant you’d like to donate to.

But wait, that’s not all. So that you might inform all those you know of your amazing accomplishment, I’ve included Consumed By Wanderlust certificates to make official your success. I recommend you frame these and post them in a place of honour; your office perhaps, or above your bed. I’ll leave that decision to you.

Jasper has the Favourite Moustache and the Fanciest Moustache

Babak has the Fanciest Moustache

Adam has the Heart Was Willing But the Follicles Were Not Moustache

Now please, for the love of all things sacred and holy, go shave.

Favourite Moustache

Fanciest Moustache

Most Follicle-y Challenged Moustache

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