The Month That Was NaBloPoMo

Holy crapshite time flies. Translation: NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month, is officially over today.

In case you forgot, I mentioned way back in the early days of November (here specifically) that I was going to attempt to take part in this crazy event. Of course, given my penchant to distraction I opted to modify the requirements of NaBloPoMo. That is, instead of posting every day I instead committed to posting at least 30 times this month.

How did I do? Pretty well I think. I’ve managed a total of 39 posts. These include posts here at Consumed By Wanderlust, and several posts at my official ass. prof. blog simply titled Daniel Gillis. It also includes a guest blogger post at the Sporcle Blog. Talk about a crazy month of posting. I missed only one day of posting – that being November 5. Clearly I was doing something of such importance that it meant that I couldn’t post. Or perhaps I was lazy. One of those answers must be the truth.

My average blog views for November jumped significantly. In September I saw about 96 views per day. By October this had climbed to 154. In November, it was up again to 184 (not including today). Crazy! I credit the jump to the Movember Contest, my posts from New York, and the recent incident of my brother’s accident. Regardless of why you are reading this blog, I’d like to say thank you to those that are. It still blows my mind that anyone reads it at all! Big cyber hugs and such all around.

Anyway, I now provide to you dear readers a list of all of my blog posts from this the month of NaBloPoMo. You know, just in case you missed anything.


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