You Can’t Spell Guelph Without Q

Jian Ghomeshi belongs in Guelph. Poster by Candace Sepulis (@ballyhoomedia on The Twitter)

Okay, you can spell Guelph without Q. In fact, you should spell Guelph without a Q, otherwise whatever you are spelling isn’t Guelph. It’s Quelph. And that’s completely different.

Anyway, the point of this post is to bring something to your attention that is of the utmost importance. Ut. Most. Importance.

That of course is the plan to bring Q to Guelph. For those of you not in the know, Q is the name of the CBC’s (a.k.a. the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for any non Canadian readers out there) program hosted by none other than Jian Ghomeshi – former member of the late 80s band known as Moxy Früvous.

Q is a most excellent show. Jian – can I call you Jian? – spends his time interviewing artists, musicians, politicians, actors, etc. My personal favourite (so far) has been his interview of William Shatner, although the interview of Super Dave Osbourne, and Billy Bob Thornton are pretty stellar as well. For your listening/viewing pleasure, I’ve linked the Shatner interview below. So watch it. Right now. Seriously.

Anyway, why all this talk about Q and Jian Ghomeshi? Not so long ago it became aware that a contest was in the making. Specifically, a contest to bring Q to an Ontario town (read Guelph). This on its own is noteworthy. But, what makes it even more awesome is that the contest won’t just bring Q to an Ontario town (read Guelph), it will raise money for a local charity. And that’s super noteworthy. And awesome.

Of course it is a contest, so we can’t just say Q, come to Guelph, we have to show that Guelph is worthy of Q (which it so obviously is, but we still have to show it). How do we do this? The simplest thing we can do is like the Bring Q To Guelph facebook page. The next simplest thing we can do is print off this poster (Bring Q To Guelph) and display it in our store fronts, our offices, our homes; wherever. And spread the word. Because we can do this.

And who knows, maybe for a day it’ll be okay to spell Guelph with a Q.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    I think that you should get your friend Jasper to make a video telling Jian why he should bring Q to Quelph. (Or wait… Guelqh?). Because Jasper’s video are made of awesome.

    1. dangillis says:

      Yes. Yes I should.

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