Photo on 11-12-14 at 6.43 PM
Personalized postcard-y goodness.

When I got home today I checked the mail because I’m just that kind of guy; a checker of mail. I’m so terribly exciting in my day-to-day life I can barely contain myself.

Anyway, when I opened up my mailbox what do you suppose I found? Christmas cards? Perhaps. Bills? Not usually as I’m an e-bill type of person. Flyers? When are there not flyers in my mailbox? A postcard? You betcha.

Now it may seem weird but I get postcards rather frequently. Usually from Dr. Steph, or Dr. Beth, but others have been known to send various sentiment via the classiest of media: the paper-board rectangle.

Photo on 11-12-14 at 6.43 PM #2
Yes, that was my time. "Was" being the important word.

Truth be told, I love getting postcards. They are simple, to the point, and provide whomever is delivering the mail a glimpse of a conversation they know nothing about. I imagine the mail-person concocting a story around the postcard to satisfy the one-sided conversation they are privy to read. I always smile when wondering what they might think of what is written on the card, especially in the case of the more colourful postcards. For example, Dr. Steph sent me a postcard post hernia surgery to express the following sentiment: “I’m sorry you’re feeling like such a pussy.” Dr. Beth also recently sent me a couple of postcards, one of which simply asked “How do you like those apples?” I love them Dr. Beth. I love them long time. But I do wonder what the mail-person thought when they read that.

But where was I? Oh right. Today’s mail delivery included a postcard. This one from the fine folks who help to organize the Ottawa race weekend. The same Ottawa race weekend that I took part in this year. The same Ottawa race weekend that saw me finish my first ever marathon, with a personal best time of 4:08:50. Which just so happens to be on the front of the postcard. Personalized postcard for the win!

Photo on 11-12-14 at 6.44 PM #4
Race weekend details. W00t!

Anyway, the postcard was sent as a reminder about the upcoming 2012 race weekend. Not that I’d forgotten about it. But it did provide me the impetus to tell you about my next set of New Year’s goals (the first of which I had mentioned here): Marathons!

Yes. I wrote marathons plural. As in, multiple marathons. Because why do something once when you can do it multiple times? That’s right folks, my goal next year is to run not one, not two, but three marathons, ha ha ha (imagine Count von Count counting to three here).

Which three marathons will I select? I’ve not completely decided yet. The options include at least the following:

But of course I’m open to other suggestions. I do think that I’ll probably return to Ottawa so that I can try to best my current marathon time. And of course, all of this clearly depends on my body and whether or not it survives the training that I’m going to be putting it through. Here’s hoping I don’t break.


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  1. Mark says:

    Honolulu would be great! The views would be awesome along the course but there appears to be a giant hill between the 35 km mark and the finish line…. the challenge would be there for sure, the reward even greater!

    1. dangillis says:

      Does this mean you’d be interested in joining me?

  2. Beth says:

    I’m glad you liked those apples. That postcard was in my hotel room in Ottawa, though there was no explanation of why I would need a card with a picture of apples on it. And I thought, I wonder what Dr. Dan’s opinion of these apples is? Of course, I forgot to actually send it to you until I got back to Vancouver.

    Did you also get the one I send you from Tourism Vancouver?

    1. dangillis says:

      I did. It’s part of the “couple” that I mentioned. Also, it may have made me want to travel to Vancouver, so I guess Tourism Vancouver’s propaganda worked.

  3. Beth says:

    Tourism Vancouver has the world’s easiest mandate to fulfill: Get people to want to go to Vancouver.

    1. dangillis says:

      That is a pretty easy mandate.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Ahh yay – I knew what this one was about without even reading it. You’ll beat that time NO prob, I say. I’m thinking of maybe being insane & attempting Toronto on the 6th and Ottawa on the 27th…but if I run Ottawa on dead legs, I risk having your de-herniated self beat me by an embarrassing margin.

  5. dangillis says:

    Or you risk being so awesome you explode!

    1. Carolyn says:

      This is reason #45693 why you are awesome – you’re the only person who hasn’t suggested that I’m an idiot for contemplating that…lol.

  6. dangillis says:

    I won’t lie; it crossed my mind as well to do both 🙂

  7. Carolyn says:

    I freaking knew it. We’re so awesomely nuts. I’ll make the call after Around the Bay.

    1. dangillis says:

      That sounds like a good plan. And worse case scenario – we attempt both marathons but then drop out of the second in order to drink while others run by us. Ha!

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