Hair Of The Dog

Elliot looks a little rough after last night's rocking festivities. Poor wee fuzzball. I'd offer him the proverbial "hair of the dog", but I'm not sure cats subscribe to such canine-centric views.

So despite the lack of futuristic flying space-cars and beam-me-up-Scotty type of travel, it’s now the future. Erm, well, I guess the future has become the present. Whatever. Let me be the next in a likely long line of people to welcome you to this, the newest of years – 2012. See how it’s all sparkly and new? It even has that new year smell. Wait – maybe that’s just the stale aroma of last night’s festivities. I digress.

Point is, the new year is finally here. This means that when I woke this morning, I had to face the fact that I needed to get off my duff. That’s right folks, today officially marked the beginning of my marathon training for 2012. What does that mean exactly? Well, despite having dabbled in a few spirits last night I actually went for a run today. And to yoga. Crazy, right?

And despite the spirits of the previous eve, I have to say both the run and the bendy-times were awesome. I opted to run today at what I hope to be my marathon pace – 5 minutes 24 seconds per kilometer. Normally when I jump on the treadmill, I become uber competitive with myself and end up challenging myself by running faster and faster; constantly upping the treadmill’s speed. Today however was intended to help train my body to run at a steady pace for longer periods of time. The hope is that it will pay off when I’m to run 42.2km in a row.

How did I do? Well thankfully I managed to set the treadmill to the desired speed and run. While I was tempted several times to up the speed, I refrained. And that for me, dear readers, is an accomplishment. I managed to run for 40 minutes, covering 7.47km. My pace: 5 minutes 21 seconds – slightly lower than target but expected since my treadmill doesn’t have a setting for pace control. The run was comfortable, and I managed to complete it just in time to head off to a 90 minute session of Yin yoga.

All things considered – this was definitely a great start to 2012. Here’s hoping that I manage to stick to my training schedule as best as I can. I’m not worried that I won’t be able to run the marathon – I just want to make sure I can run the best marathon possible. And that, dear readers, requires some serious training.

Wish me luck.


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  1. Thanks for the link! Wow, running and yoga on New Year’s Day is commendable!

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