Someone Number Crunched For Me!

When I checked my email today, I found a rather neat-o surprise from the good folks at Specifically, they’d sent me an email of a link which lead to a year-end-report that summarized/reviewed my year of blogging.

The summary contained information regarding my most popular posts, the frequency of search terms that brought readers to my blog, a list of my most active commenters, and when I had my busiest day, among other things. And given that I love statistics and summary type information, this was clearly right up my alley.

For those interested in the report you can click here to view it. It’s very info-graphic-y like; something that I highly appreciate.

Here’s a few of the highlights to whet your appetite:

  • The concert hall at the Sydney1 Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 33,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 12 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.
  • The most popular search term/phrase that brought people to my blog: sad baby. Seriously. Why are so many people searching the web for sad babies?
  • People from around the globe read my blog (that’s crazy-amazing to me). There were even readers from New Caledonia – which is east of Australia, for those who may not have known.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read and/or comment on my posts. It is, as always, highly unexpected but absolutely appreciated. Here’s to another year of blogging, and a most excellent 2012.

1 I should note that there is a rather glaring typo on the report. That is, the report has Sydney written as Syndey. While the Syndey Opera House sounds like a great place, I’m sure the fine folks at WordPress were referring to the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. But I could be wrong.


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  1. Beth says:

    I received an annual report of blog stats for my blog – after I had posted my own summary and noticed that even though that annual report was supposed to have been from the same source (my WordPress Site Stats), some of the numbers were the same, but some were totally different. Like my number of views for the year was off by several thousand! One of the most searched terms for my blog was “hockey terms that sound dirty,” so I’m pretty sure they got that one right!

    1. dangillis says:

      Ya – my views for the year was off as well – also by several thousand. Additionally, the number of the seats in the Sydney Opera House isn’t quite what they listed. Specifically, the concert hall has 2679 seats, the opera theatre has 1507, the drama theatre has 544, the playhouse has 398, and the studio has 220-350. I assume they were rounding the seats in the concert hall. But I find it weird that the Opera House would have more seats in the concert hall than in the opera theatre.

      I’m probably missing something. Clearly we need to investigate this first hand. With hotties. And drinks. And hotties serving drinks.

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