On My Way To 42.2

So today marked the first official week of training for 2012. While the week started off well, things got messed up by mid-week. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to exercise, but because I hadn’t really factored in a social life. Crazy! In this particular case, the social life factor was actually a visit from my parents and two of my nieces. While I love running and such, I really can’t pass an opportunity to spend some time with them; especially if that time includes a sushi dinner.

But really, how’d the week go? Not too shabby to be honest. According to my trusty little spreadsheet of exercising awesomeness, I had the following goals:

  1. Walk 29 km
  2. Run 29 km
  3. Bike 0 km
  4. Yoga 480 minutes

My results:

  1. Walked 17.73 km (61.14%)
  2. Ran 28.65 km (98.79%)
  3. Biked 0 km
  4. Yoga’d 360 minutes (75%)

If I had realized I was so close to my running goal I would have put in the extra 2 minutes or so that would have been required to run 0.35 km. Clearly I should pay attention more.

Anyway, while I didn’t hit 100% in any of the activities, I still managed to put in quite a bit of work. According to the trusty and all-knowing Google, that work amounts to about 3800 Calories. Which means I can reward myself with a tasty scotch, right?


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  1. That’s a lot of work. I think you can reward yourself with a Scotch as long as you’re drinking water during the workouts lol.

    1. dangillis says:

      Oh ya. Lots of water 🙂

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