I’m Suddenly Craving Wine

I may or may not have told my students today that I enjoyed playing with this corkscrew as a child, because I thought it looked like E.T. doing jumping-jacks. True story.

Today was day 2 of teaching CIS*2170, also known as User Interface Design. Honestly, it was even better than day 1. I’m having so much fun teaching this course. Perhaps too much fun. Maybe I should pretend that I’m not having fun lest someone decide that I’m having too much fun to get paid. Because I’m having so much fun, I can’t believe I’m actually getting paid for this.

Perhaps the honeymoon will end soon. I hope not.

Today we discussed the evolution of form despite function remaining constant. I decided that the best way to demonstrate that was by bringing in several different types of corkscrews. Apparently I have a collection of them. I’m not sure why I have a collection of them. It’s not like I’ve actively sought out these particular tools. I just do. Don’t read anything into that.

An old-time-y corkscrew. This one makes it more of a challenge to get to the wine. Perhaps all the extra work makes the wine seemingly taste better.

The point is that they all perform the same function. That is, they allow those of us that require a thirst quenching glass of the vino access to the container that houses that sweet, sweet adults-only grape juice. Sure, some corkscrews come with a few extra bells and whistles; such as the additional functionality of beer-bottle-opener (praise the designers for that added B&W), or possibly a fancy blade to slice through the wax or other sealant that protects the cork.

Despite essentially the same functionality, some corkscrews are better designed than others because someone out there realized that the old-time-y cork screw just wasn’t good enough. I imagine the levered varieties were developed because someone was trying to open a new bottle, having already consumed the first, but was too drunk to get enough force behind them to open it. Then, in a drunken stupor a bolt of inspiration hit and the levered corkscrew was born.

I love this corkscrew. So smooth. It helps me get to the wine faster, and with less effort.

The good thing is that the students connected to my stories (which included the evolution of the corkscrew, selecting a Calorie counting app, and a discussion of not knowing how to wash my hands because a sink was poorly designed – at least to me – who may have been under the influence of several beers when trying to use it).

It’s easy to tell when the connection happens. The students are more animated in their responses, they contribute more (sometimes a lot more than what I might expect), they laugh where I hope they will laugh, and they ask questions. A lot of good, well thought out questions. And they engage in debates with each other.

And this is why this class has been so much fun. I really hope that I can keep this energy going, because it’s awesome.

Anyway, moral of the story: I’m pretty sure my class thinks I’m a drunk.

Note: corkscrews are not the only way to get to one’s wine. There’s also this way:


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  1. you’re obviously an awesome teacher 🙂

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