10 To 15 Pounds Of Fatty Fat Fat Fat

What the what are these things that have me squeeing?
Yay! Numbers!

In case you were unaware, I’m a big fan of numbers. And by big fan, I mean I love numbers. I’ve always been this way. Even as a kid I would often find myself doing math in my head, thinking about patterns in numbers, finding comfort in their logic. There were many very late and sleepless nights as I grew because I’d often be doing calculations in my head into the wee hours. If I thought of a math problem or learned some new mathematics at school, it would take a lot of willpower to shut my brain off. Failing to will my brain to stop would leave me with a brain set on overdrive.

The point is, my passion for numbers and mathematics hasn’t waned. I have, however, found the ability to shut my brain down when I go to bed. I think if I hadn’t done that in my teens I’d be insane right about now.

So why all this talk about numbers? Well, I use it as justification for another update on my 2012 goals.

Another update? 2012 is only 2 weeks old!

I know. I know. I promise that I won’t be doing these every week. The reason I wanted to post today was because I have been collecting a bunch of numbers and if I don’t share them or write them down, I might just burst. Plus, this provides me a record of my stats so that I can track how they change throughout the year. These include things such as my Maximum Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate, Resting Heart Rate, Body Mass Index, Basal Metabolic Rate, Body Fat Percentage, and Hip to Waist Ratio.

Why have I been collecting this info? Well, as I said, I love numbers. Also, it gives me an idea of progress, and reminds me that I am not the fatty fat fat fat kid that I once was. It’s also good to know these numbers for training – so that I know if I’m pushing myself in the way that I should to achieve the results that I want.

So, without further ado, here are my results (mostly gleaned from calculators available herehere, here, and here). Feel free to comment as necessary.

  • A-pear-ently I'm "pear-shaped". Ha! See what I did there? I kill me.

    Current weight: 64.86 kg, or 143.00 lbs (last measured Christmas Eve, 2011)

  • Current height: 170 cm, or 67″
  • Current age: 36.42 years
  • Resting heart rate: 52 BPM (measured on waking, confirmed by the doctor), or 66 BPM (measured now after a large coffee and chores)
  • Max heart rate: 186 BPM
  • Target heart rate: 80% = 159 BPM, 90% = 173 BPM, 100% = 186 BPM
  • BMI: 22.39 (normal range)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate: 1560.7 (the number of Calories I’d burn doing nothing but “living”)
  • Body Fat Percentage: 10.20% via the U.S. Navy body fat algorithm, or 7.14% via the YMCA body fat formula.
  • Hip to Waist Ratio: 0.88 (which means I’m pear-shaped apparently)
  • V02 Max: 48.65 to 54.73.

Now because I’m a nerd I thought – what would 7.14% or 10.20% of my body mass be? That is, how much of me is fat? Turns out, somewhere between 10 and 15 lbs assuming my calculator results are accurate. Seeing these results, I’d really love to go and have it tested using a more accurate method. And so, dear readers, this is a new item on my Not-So-Bucket-List list (item #264). I’ve also decided that I need to accurately determine my V02 Max, so this has also made the list (item #265).

How did I do with the rest of my goals? See for yourself:

  • Starbucks old-fashioned donuts are so freaking delicious. But for 400 Calories, they'd better be. Image via: http://lakocinera.blogspot.com/

    So far I’ve burned off enough Calories (~10040) to eat 25.1 Starbucks donuts (~400 Calories each), or 62.75 tall vanilla soy lattes (~160 Calories each).

  • I’ve walked or ran the distance of 2.62 marathons between January 1, and January 14, 2012.
  • I’ve spent 28.6 hours walking, running, or stretching/yoga’ing so far this year (excluding today).
  • I’ve hit 41%, 52% and 40% of my January goals for walking, running, and yoga, respectively (with more than half the month to go).
  • My average running pace is 5 minutes 15 seconds per kilometre. My treadmill pace is slightly slower than this, while my road pace is slightly faster. Weird. I would have expected the opposite.
  • My longest run for 2012 happened yesterday – 10 miles, or 16.09 kilometres (total time 1:23:51, average pace 5:13).

In honour of these successes, I’m currently treating myself to some Lindt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. Because it’s all about balance.

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Carolyn says:

    You are so not pear-shaped. This post reminded me of the Krispy Kreme Challenge, which is just about the worst idea ever. Participants run two miles to a Krispy Kreme store, eat 12 donuts (totalling 2400 calories) and run 2 miles back. As IF that is a sufficient compensatory distance!!!

    1. dangillis says:

      Ya, I think pear-shaped is a bit of a stretch. I mean, yes, my hips are wider than my waist – but not by much. Also, I don’t think pear-shaped is written in a way that we are interpreting it. I think pear-shaped to mean large-assed. I know I lack meat in that area. LOL.

      Also, that challenge sounds disgusting. I’m sure I’d vomit. Not because I was running while eating, but because I’d be eating so many donuts. Gah. Also, I think I’d have to run about 32km or more to burn off those Calories. While I’d gladly run that distance, I’d rather not do it for the sake of eating a dozen donuts.

      Finally, I’m assuming that the challenge is specific to two types of donut, because all of their other donuts are in excess of 200 Calories per (http://www.krispykreme.com/canutri.pdf).

      1. Carolyn says:

        Definitely…vomit would have to factor in. Let’s not add Raleigh, North Carolina to our list of potential exotic race destinations…lol. I got the 2400 figure off the KK website (http://www.krispykremechallenge.com/news-blog/thousands-huff-puff-and-stuf).

        Also, my outside pace is faster than my treadmill pace, too. Odd.

  2. Steve says:

    Right away I see a flaw in this Krispy Kreme plan. How are most of the folks who are capable of putting away a dozen donuts and actually want to do it
    going to manage running 4 miles?

    1. dangillis says:

      Good point. I have no idea. I imagine the run involves a lot of puke.

  3. Maria says:

    After reading your post and the above thread I have so many comments fluttering through my head!

    Good job on all your running achievements. I drag my butt to the gym these days! You probably run faster outdoors b/c there is more to see..fresh air… or a tailwind? or you want to hurry home? 🙂

    Yeah… you are definitely NOT pear shaped! LoL

    Eww on that Krispy Kreme challenge…. All their donuts taste the same! Timmy’s is way better but I still can’t imagine eating more than one! I think someone needs to open up a Timmy’s down here. (And teach Americans how to prepare a coffee when ordered at a drive through window. they hand you the cream and sugar… so you can mix in your car! hellooo i’m driving…)

    One of my husbands’ friends told us that the oil Krispy Kreme uses to fry their donuts …is solid at room temperature! Yikes. I can’t imagine what that does to your insides.

    Ok…. so I wouldn’t put Raleigh, NC on your list for race destinations…. I live really close to where that KK race was (NC State students…* head shaking *). It should be on your must-visit list, just because I’m here 🙂

    Actually, if you like running hills, paved, unpaved, by lakes, streams then it’s a great place to come.

    1. dangillis says:

      Hmmm, a tailwind – perhaps. More than likely I just want to get home and out of the cold. LOL. We’ll see how that hypothesis stands up in the summer when the weather is better and I want to be outside.

      To be honest, I’ve never had a KK donut. And I’m not really a fan of Timmies anymore. I have seen Timmies in NYC though. Nice piece of Canadiana making its way to the US-of-A. Also, lots of TD banks. I think they bought up a lot of the banks that died during the financial kablooie. Their slogan is something like “America’s Bank”. I’m thinking they aren’t aware what TD stands for. LOL.

      “Solid at room temperature” made me gag a little. Okay, I’m lying. It made me gag a lot.

      Anyway, I doubt I’ll ever run the KK challenge. However, visiting NC is another story 🙂 I’ll keep you posted on when that might happen. Maybe there’ll be a conference there that I can ‘attend’. HA!

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