A Very Full Day

Beth and her dad (picture from Beth's Facebook page)

Yesterday was a very full day.

It started with the news that Dr. Beth’s dad had been taken to the hospital with symptoms resembling a stroke. Sadly, a CT Scan revealed that the symptoms were actually the result of a brain tumour. You can read more about it here (and send support via comments) at Dr. Beth’s blog. You can also read more about her dad in her post entitled “Things My Dad Taught Me” – a post to celebrate his recent 66th birthday.

Given what I know of Dr. Beth, and her sister Nancy (whom I spent most of high school sitting beside), I’m sure her dad is going to punch the tumour right in its stupid tumour-y face. I know this because his daughters are amazing, and one can’t have awesome daughters if you aren’t at least slightly awesome yourself. And clearly his daughters are amazing (need I remind you of Dr. Beth’s Guinness world record in hockey).

My day on campus was a lot of running around and thinking about Beth, Nancy, and the rest of the Dr. Beth clan. Between classes, faculty meetings, some data analyses, meetings with students, etc., it was just packed.

Then I rushed home because my friend Aqleema was dropping by and I wanted to get on the treadmill before she arrived. I realized on my way home that I was feeling quite anxious/overwhelmed and such. I think the business of the day got to me a bit.

Sadly my timing was off. Aqleema arrived about 9 minutes after I had landed on the treadmill (with beer and food related gifts for yours truly). However, knowing that I had a run to complete, she patiently sat down and told me stories as I worked my way through my run. And this is only one of the small reasons why Aqleema is awesome.

After my run, we chatted some more while I stretched. Between the run and chatting with Aqleema, the business of the day and the knowledge that I still had a lot of work to do melted away. I was also able to put a lot of things into perspective – I mean, the business of the day really means nothing compared to family and friends. There was no reason to allow it to overwhelm me when there are far more important things to think about. And considering what Dr. Beth and her family were going through, running around at work seemed absolutely trivial.

Following my visit with Aqleema, I headed down town to meet up with my friend Jordan. Specifically, we met up at the Woolwich Arrow for several pints and some wings. Given that I hadn’t eaten since my run, the wings were extra delicious. Salt and pepper wings, in case you are curious, are just about the most delicious things after a run. And while drinking beer after a run is probably not the smartest thing to do for rehydration, it too was so delicious. As I sat there chatting with Jordan I realized how lucky I was to know so many amazing people. I also realized that I need to tell them that more frequently. I really think it can’t be said enough.

My horoscope. Also known as the Universe punching me in the face with a reminder.

As if the Universe wanted to punch me in the head with that message yesterday, I also read my horoscope (something I never do; but when one is standing at a urinal – a result of several pints of beer – you tend to read whatever is in front of you). I had to take a picture of the horoscope because it really was too perfect given the day.

After stuffing my face with wings and beer I headed home to get the remainder of my work completed. I managed to finish a few of the things on my list – but not all – when Dom dropped by. That was the last and final signal to tell me that my work day was finished. And given that I had started the day at 5ish I figured I was justified. I ended the night watching a documentary with Dom called “How Beer Saved The World”. The documentary (posted below) is quite hilarious, but also quite educational. I highly recommend you watch it. It was, in my humble opinion, the best way to end my day.

Anyway, as I wrote at the beginning of this post – yesterday was a very full day.

How Beer Saved The World from College Curb on Vimeo.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    Thanks for this posting, Dan. Your support means the world to me! Also, aren’t I adorable in that photo?

    Also, now I want to stuff my face with wings and beer.

    1. dangillis says:

      Absolutely adorable.
      You’d be more adorable if you were stuffing your face with beer and wings though. Just sayin’.

  2. justinbrewsbeer says:

    I don’t understand how I have not seen that documentary before… Pretty awesome. Very thirsty now.

    1. dangillis says:

      I’m going to have to watch the last bit of it again. I started to doze off as I was rather tired. And perhaps full of several beers.

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