Ever Wonder What 140 Characters Can Do?

My Tweet Cloud

Remember the other day when I said that January was full of anniversaries? Yeah, I wasn’t kidding. The month has included my Job-iversary, my Trip-iversary, my Blog-iversary, and my Scar-iversary.

But brace yourself, dear readers, because the month isn’t over yet. And also because today is another monumental anniversary (which is monumental not just because it falls on National Peanut Butter Day). Today is my Twitter-versary. My four-year Twitter-versary to be exact.

According to tradition, a fourth anniversary means I should be treating myself to fruit and flowers. I’m not really a flowers kind of guy, so I’ve opted to celebrate with a banana (and chocolate). To be honest, I wasn’t really celebrating anything, I just needed to replenish some nutrients after my run this eve. But I digress.

Where my followers hail from.

Since joining Twitter 4 years ago, I’ve pumped out 14,493 tweets. Clearly some were more intelligent than others. However, according to this fancy pants online tweet processing machine, some of the most popular 50 words from all the tweets in the previous year have included awesome, thanks, love, Elliot, chocolate, sweet, running, and scotch. I don’t think anyone should be surprised by that.

I’ve also managed to attract over 462 followers from all over the world. According to this other fancy pants online tweet processing machine, 63% of those that follow my ramblings hail from Canada, 20.2% from the United States, and 3.1% from the United Kingdom. I apparently also have followers in Mexico, Brazil, Bahamas, Ecuador, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Montenegro, Greece, Israel, Kenya, India, and Nepal. I’m assuming that some of these followers are spambots, but maybe not – I’m not sure how the website determines this stuff, I’m just entertained by the results.

Beyond that, I’ve also toggled over 500 tweets as my favourite – mainly because they made me laugh out loud, were exceedingly clever, or thought-provoking. For your viewing pleasure and entertainment, I provide a few of them for you below. If you are on Twitter, might I suggest that you follow any or all of these people.

Looking past the numbers, Twitter has brought a grand circle of new and amazing people into my life. Doctors, lawyers, social media experts, computer nerds, writers, scientists, entertainers, singers, actors, mortgage brokers, teachers – the list just doesn’t seem to end. Each and every one of them are amazing in ways that I can’t even begin to describe. And each have made this online community absolutely incredible to be a part of. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been very fortunate to meet some of these Tweeps in real life. They are genuine and amazing people; they are a source of inspiration, and in many cases are there to cheer me on regardless of whatever crazy thing I’ve decided to get myself involved in. They are actively engaged and involved in our community, they are volunteers and charity supporters, and they do awesome things on a daily basis. They truly are amazing people who have been brought together via the power of Twitter.

Who knew that 140 characters could do all of that?

Before I go, I just have to mention the following tweet that went out today:

I believe that this marks the very first time that I’ve ever read a birth announcement of friends on Twitter. Congrats @SuperBang and @SpicyMouseShop. In case you haven’t considered it, Dan is a great name. Ha!

Some of my favourite tweets



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    I honoured to show up twice on your favourites list! Squeee! Always, happy Twitter-versary!

    1. dangillis says:

      Oh, you’re in there more than twice. This was just a random sample of favs.

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