The Baker Street Luncheoning

#LunchUpGuelph, January 2012 at the Baker Street Station

Okay, I’ve been slacking a bit. I was just perusing my list-o-things-I-have-yet-to-blog-about – a list that includes such working titles as scotch tasting 2012, a curve with no width, dear students (not to be confused with dear professors), and that’s one too many hoo-hoos for my liking – and I’ve realized that I haven’t blogged about the most recent (and thus first for 2012) #LunchUpGuelph.

For those who might not know (or if perhaps you’ve forgotten), you can learn more about #LunchUpGuelph here, and here.

In short, #LunchUpGuelph is a monthly get together of a bunch of very awesome people who just so happened to meet on the Twitter, thank you very much. And with each get together, the group seems to grow. This makes perfect sense since awesome attracts awesome (it’s a scientific fact folks1, look it up). These awesome folks gather in one of Guelph’s many unique pubs, restaurants, or cafes, and usually between the hours of 1 and 3. There we mingle, chat, laugh, and enjoy some very fine fare that the city has to offer.

This month, we gathered at the recently opened Baker Street Station. If you haven’t been, go. Seriously. The food is fantastic and they have a grand collection of tasty beverages.

But it’s not all just eating and laughing and eating and laughing. Good things – really good things – come when you put so many awesome people into one room. If you are wondering why I suggest – nay insist – that the people who attend are awesome, let me provide the following facts to you2

And the list goes on. One thing is certainly clear – the #LunchUpGuelph’ers are a group of kick-ass individuals that truly take their community to heart. So a huge thank you to everyone who comes out. A huge thank you to the organizers. And a huge thank you to all for continuing to do such amazing things for Guelph and the surrounding community. You truly are an inspiration.
And after 5 #LunchUpGuelphs I have to say that I’m excited to see what other things we get up to.

1 Hey, if Fox News can call what they do ‘fact’, then I can write this and call it ‘scientific fact’.

2 Okay, these are actual facts. As in, not ‘Fox News Facts’, but real, honest to goodness information.

3 Confession: I’m making a big guess here as I only have the totals for the first 2 events and the most recent event. Consider the 300 lbs an educated best guess, but a guess nonetheless.


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