It’s Time For More Awesome

The adventure continues. Rick and I are about to head out to Canada Olympic Park. Once there, we’ll be launching ourselves down the bobsled course – facing forces of up to 5Gs. That means that we are going to feel about 5 times as heavy as we are. Personally, I think 5 times as heavy […]

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How I Learned To Hump Ice

Apparently it’s all in the way you move your hips, or so Thomas our ice-climbing instructor would have us believe. And, as with most of the things he told us today, we quickly learned that he was correct. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Our morning started early. A 6am wake up call had Rick […]

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And Away We Go

And we’re off. Step 1: 1.5 hour drive out of Calgary¬†(after coffee of course). Step 2: 20 minute hike to the frozen waterfall. Steps 3 and beyond: Be Awesome. Rules of the day: 1. Don’t fall down. 2. Don’t drop anyone. 3. Be Awesome. We’ve got this! Related articles I See Mountains ( Brain Whoring […]

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Back On Track

It’s amazing what more than 5 hours of sleep will do for the body. I know that isn’t new information to pretty much anyone, but given how little I sleep, anything beyond 5 hours is a luxury. Last night, I awoke after sleeping for only 4.5 hours. Normally this scenario would involve me leaping out […]

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