My Pavlovian Response – Highly Questionable

My growing collection. The January bottle is the second from the front. February is the third last. Note - the order of their presentation is meaningless.

So I mentioned the other day that I had picked up my February bottle of scotch – part of my mission to buy a new bottle of scotch each month for the duration of 2012 (and item #251 on my Not-So-Bucket-List list). The goal – build up both my collection and my knowledge of the spirit that I love so much.

Anyway, something I learned a while ago but apparently keep screwing up is the pronunciation of the word islay. I continue to insist on saying Eye-Lay despite knowing that it’s supposed to be pronounced Eye-La. Even worse, the proper pronunciation is written on my bottle of Lagavulin. You’d figure that since I’m getting a treat (read scotch) that I’d be more apt to retain information such as this – positive reinforcement and all that. But no – Pavlov’s dog apparently learns quicker than I do.

Anyway, in preparation for a scotch tasting (either this month or next), I’ve decided I should document the scotch that I have. Specifically, I’m creating a new page devoted to scotch. However, in order to keep things tidy and such like, I figured I’d merge it somehow with my wine page. And since wine, spirits, and beer oft go hand in hand, I’ve opted to create a separate sub-page for each, all nicely housed under the heading LCBO1.

So, if nothing else, this post is simply to say – hey, look up there at the menu because it’s different and somewhat shiny and new. Expect the scotch page to be slowly updated with comments from the scotch tastings (both good and bad). The beer page will probably be populated once I figure out exactly what I want to post there (besides beer, obviously). For now, consider it a page holder.

Lordy, all of this work and talk of scotch has made me thirsty. I wonder whatever I should do? Ha!

Logo of LCBO.

1 For those readers not familiar with the LCBO – also known as the Liquor Control Board of Ontario – this is where citizens of the province of Ontario (Canada) go to purchase their spirits, wine, and beer. We also have The Beer Store, and The Wine Rack.


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