I’ve Been Qwirkled

Qwirkle time!

I’m currently playing a game called Qwirkle. Seriously.

How have I found myself in this situation?

Well, it started early with a very long day packed full of meetings. By 6:45pm, I decided it was time to pack my things up and call it a week. I’m a slacker like that.

Just like scrabble, but more colourful and such.

Mercifully (for me), my friends Jamie and Nigel had invited me for dinner (beer can chicken, and so many other delicious things) and so I was saved from heading home to fend for myself (in the culinary department). The meal was amazing, and I was painfully stuffed afterwards – in the best kind of way.

Following dinner, Jamie suggested Qwirkle.

And now, here we are, playing Qwirkle.


What exactly is Qwirkle? Imagine Scrabble – played with 6 tiles at a time – but instead of letters, think shapes and colours. Also, think awesome. I have to admit that I found it a bit more challenging than Scrabble, because although the shapes were simple, I was unfamiliar with them. I mean, with letters I’ve seen them a million times in billions of different ways. These shapes were essentially all new to me.

Regardless, the game was a lot of fun. Verdict: Dan 95, Jamie 94, Nigel & Holly – I forget. Point is, I somehow managed to eek out a victory over Jamie (at least, I think that’s what Nigel told me – I may have had some scotch while playing, and said scotch may or may not be influencing the power of my memory). However, Jamie’s loss only happened because he missed an opportunity to capture a bunch of points. To be perfectly honest, had he not made that mistake he would have easily crushed me. Maybe next time.

Anyway, I leave you now with the quote of the night:

“Don’t Qwirkle yourself”

I couldn’t agree more.


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