Captain Obvious Says: It Was Cold Outside Today

My first half marathon of the year. W00t!

Today I managed to run my first half marathon of the year. Of course, this wasn’t an official half marathon; just part of my full marathon training.

My run began by first getting myself ready for the day. That is, a steaming bowl of oatmeal (with shaved coconut, honey, and peanut butter mixed in), and a coffee. I then puttered around the house, hung out with Elliot, and considered crawling back into bed instead of going out into what I could only imagine was a deep freeze – a deep freeze that I had imagined based on the sound of the wind howling against the walls of my condo. I won’t lie – I was a bit surprised to see all of the snow on the ground when I finally looked outside. And the wind did not look inviting.

Regardless, I started getting ready. Running tights? Check. Socks. Check. Wind breaking pants? Check. Tight – oh so tight – running undershirt? Long sleeve running shirt? Long sleeve running sweater? Check, check, and check. What was I forgetting? Right – touque and gloves. And for good measure, I doubled up my gloves. Add sunglasses, plenty of lip and skin protection, my iPhone (and required RunKeeper app) and I was pretty much ready to go. I did take a moment to scarf down a few extra spoonfuls of honey, and to drink some extra water. I may also have treated myself to some dark chocolate.

I was off.

First thought: Holy eff it’s cold. I mean, really, really, really cold. Breathtaking, bone chilling, no-one-in-their-right-minds-should-be-running-in-this-weather cold.

Second thought: Suck it up princess.

After running down the street, I realized that without the wind, it was actually a beautiful bright sun-shiny day. Maybe this run won’t be so awful after all.

I made my way downtown and met up with my running partners Mel and Kyle. Once together, we started our journey. The goal – a 9km run. Completing that would get me to 14km, or 2 thirds of my intended distance. Awesome.

An after-run snuggle (and nap) with the wee Fuzzball

The run was great and the company was awesome. Despite being ridiculously cold at times, the company more than made up for any discomfort. Our pace was solid, especially considering that the sidewalks and side streets were covered in snow, the wind was rather strong, and did I mention it was freaking cold? We ran and chatted, and ran and chatted. And then we ran and chatted some more. Eventually we found ourselves back at our meeting place downtown. Kyle and I said goodbye to Mel (who had already put in a crazy spin class earlier in the day) and continued on for more running. By this point, I’d been running for about 2 hours. Not anywhere close to my official half marathon pace, but exactly what I wanted to run considering that this was my first half marathon of the year, and I really wasn’t aiming for improved time.

Kyle and I eventually parted. At that point, I had just under 4km still to run to hit the distance required of a half marathon. My body still felt good, I wasn’t tired, so I kept going. Needless to say the run was over before I knew it. I was back home, standing at my door and dreaming of a hot coffee, a tall glass of water, something to munch on, and a hot shower.

It was at that point that I realized just how cold my body was. You see, when I attempted to pull my keys out of my pocket my hands did not want to cooperate. In fact, I couldn’t even tell if I had anything between my fingers when I pulled my hand out of my pocket. I felt nothing. Not cold, not pain, not keys. Nothing.

Hmmm, this can’t be good.

I looked at my hands. There did not appear to be any frostbite (yay). I could move them (double yay). And while they were very clearly cold, they seemed to be more asleep than anything. After about 10 minutes of fumbling, I was able to open the door and escape the bitter wind.

Elliot was at the door as soon as I came in. I could tell by his expression that he thought I was insane.

I’m not sure I disagreed.

You can check out my run here if you so wish.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Kyle Mackie says:

    I hear ya about the hands. Mine were in a weird, colourless state for about an hour after finishing. Congrats on the run, and thanks for slowing down for me. re: the cold, it’s friggin’ FEBRUARY.

    1. dangillis says:

      Yes. Yes it is February. LOL. Remember – I’m Captain Obvious 🙂

  2. Melanie says:

    You rock!! Thanks for running with me. I’ll be good to go again next week, if you’re interested.

    1. dangillis says:

      Absolutely. Saturday again?

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