A Serious Case Of Deep-Fried Lethargy

Mmmm, get in my belly. Note: leftover calamari does not look as good as this

Holy crapshite, I am le hungry.

I just got home. Yes, I know it’s after 10pm, and I know that I left the house at 8am, and I know I’ve been working since 6am, and I realize that Elliot probably thinks I’m a part-time caregiver, but…wait…what’s my point?

Maybe my point is that I’m not only late, but that I’ve also eaten terribly today. Not in terms of quality, but quantity. Alright, I had a donut during a meeting so perhaps the quality of my Calories was also lacking. Point is, I ate like shite today. Between oatmeal for breakfast, the aforementioned donut, an egg salad sandwich at lunch, some fruit around 6, and about 3 gallons of coffee (give or take a gallon – with strong emphasis on take), I’d say I’m short on my daily requirements by about 15 trillion Calories (again, give or take – with strong emphasis on take).

Ultimately, what I’m trying to say is that my day can be summed up as work-filled and food-lacking. And these are the types of maths that lead to my initial declaration: I am le hungry.

Sadly, I’m just too tired and lazy to do anything about it (i.e., cook). Fortunately when I opened up my fridge I was greeted by a lovely white box of leftover goodness. Leftovers from dinner last night with friends. Now, I won’t say that the leftovers are quality in terms of their nutritional breakdown, but they are quantity. And right now, that’s all I really care about.

So here’s to my leftover calamari, samosa, and coconut shrimp. May your deep fried goodness speed your way into my belly such that tomorrow I awake full of deep-fried nutritional awesomeness and not deep-fried lethargy.

I’m pretty sure asking my food to do stuff for me is how nutrition works.

UPDATE: Okay, it’s about 40 or so odd minutes later. I am no longer hungry. In fact, I’m the extreme opposite of no longer hungry. I am painfully full of deep-fried leftover deliciousness. And as much as I fight it, I’m feeling a rather serious case of deep-fried lethargy coming on. Oh nutrition – I have so failed you today!


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